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Ask Chit Vish

Ask Chit Vish

One of the most convenient things to have around when you are cooking is to hold the recipe in your left hand to refer - the minute before you throw the ingredient in- do you temper cumin or mustard ,is it urad or channa dhal, is it 1 tsp or tbsp.… Keeping all this in mind we decided to make phone and tablet apps as our most preferred medium going forward.

Why App Chitvish ?

What distinguishes this app from others, is
Every recipe has been tried and tested before posting
Every recipe is an authentic one, some even a 100 years old
The variety covers recipes from all over the world
They are extremely practical and easy to follow
A newcomer can blindly follow the recipe and be sure to be successful
Presentation has been carefully suggested

From: Tamil Nadu,India
Type: full app developer
Category: Utility

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