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Education App

Education App

The Physical EDGE app provides the physical education community a more practical method for connecting and collaborating new ideas and discussing current trends and issues experienced in the classroom. Come advocate for your program, promote innovative ideas, utilize key teaching functions to improve instruction, or simply gather new activities from the EDGE community.

Basic EDGE users will be able to utilize the multiple teaching related functions from the app.

These functions allow the ability to:
Create and organize your class schedule with the Calendar function
Offer regimented fitness routines with the Timer function
Download and secure developmentally appropriate Instructional Aids
Evaluate and determine your students grades using the Grade Book which you can export to your email via Microsoft Excel
Obtain and learn new introductory, fitness, and practice task activities by reading or watching brief video clips
Develop lesson plans from the aforementioned activities and

From: California,United States
Type: full app developer
Category: Entertainment

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