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park event chat room app - Mobile App

Park event chat room app

Park event chat room app

Goers are defined as a user who searches for and attends the events. Users will register/sign-in with their Facebook Profile. Users will be matched with local events at which they can RSVP for, and check-in up to 3 hours prior to the event or at the time of the event. We would like to give an option to send push notifications to users as reminders to check-in. Upon event check-in, users will have access to a chat room, exclusive to the event, where users can socialize and meet other users that are at the event. All messages and communications made within the chatroom are visible to all users checked-in at the event. Users can search for, view, and connect with others at the event. This system will be a random search generator similar to Tinder where users randomly view other users profile pictures and have the option to either like or not like that user. The only way a user can privately message another user, if enabled by the receiving party, users mutually like each other.

From: Rajasthan,India
Type: full app developer
Category: Entertainment

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