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BI tool for construction companies - Mobile App

BI tool for construction companies

BI tool for construction companies

Mobile and Web app for construction companies that increases effectiveness by 36% and cost savings up to 15%. It is the corporate internal BI tool that automates the supply chain between the contractor and supplier.

QwikSupply complements current operations with full tracking and accountability for each of membership levels:

- Field worker
- Warehouse worker
- Manager
- Vendor
- Admin (superuser)

How it actually works?

Field worker needs three hammers, but has only one. So he makes request to "warehouse". Warehouse has only one hammer, so it creates a request to "management". Management makes request to foreign companies called "vendors". Vendors offers their products and price. Management chooses lowest price between vendors, buys it and sends to warehouse. Warehouse takes all hammers and delivers it to field worker.

Developer: SEVEN
From: Lviv,Ukraine
Type: full app developer
Category: Utility

Screenshots of BI tool for construction companies

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