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The video reporting app which automatically produces videos and stores them to AWS server.
The end users who could be individuals or company employees will receive the Email and SMS based links which they can use to see the Report Page which comprises of the video display and location details.
At a single touch, ReportCam produces and streams a video-based Report Page to a secure AWS server. The Report Page shows your company branding, the sender name & contact details, date and time, a location map, the video and a comments box.

The core essence of the application is the live and offline video streaming that makes sure that the videos are transmitted to the server and are stored for future reference. The Report Page can be branded for subscribed users.

The application is useful for individuals and companies involved in business lines where they need to:
- Prevent disputes and misunderstandings
- Promote customer confidence
- Produce evidence to protect your business.

Developer: CodeEpsilon
From: Gujarat,India
Type: app consultant
Category: Utility

Screenshots of ReportCam

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