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10 Facts about the Fantasy Football Coin

Jun 23, 2017 Posted /  2764 Views

10 Facts about the Fantasy Football Coin

10 Facts about the Fantasy Football Coin:

Fantasy football is about creating your perfect football team, registering the team in competitions and winning. Competition is fun in every sense but when you mix it with sports and friends, it's even more fun. Everybody likes role-playing and fantasy football allows you to act like a real manager, predicting player form, match outcomes, ability development and rewarding managers for their results. You have to choose real professional players for your fantasy team.

Once you have chosen a competition to be in, you will have to organize the team for their starting line-up. Along with the main 11 players, you should select people in the reserve bench including an assistant manager, a defender, a midfielder, a goalkeeper and a forward. Before selecting the team, there are tools for analyzing player's performance over the last games.

 The scoring system employs an algorithm in which, they take into account more than 30 variables including movements which define players' performance. There are many tools for team selection for the managers so that they can find out the pros and cons of their team selection. If you are dedicated and good, along with role-playing, you may earn more coins based on the wins you make in the competitions. Fantasy football helps you understand football at a far deeper level. 

The game currency of fantasy football is the XFCCoin, which works by the principle of Bitcoin blockchain.

Let's see what are the features of this Fantasy Football coin.

1. Works on Bitcoin blockchain technology:

The football coin works on bitcoin like blockchain technology. The blockchain is an open decentralized database created by the combination of cryptography and math for every transaction involving value, ie money, property or even work. It creates a digital ledger of transactions that every node on the network can see. The network is basically a set of computers being connected to the internet in which all the computers should give their approval for the transaction to take place. It's a peer to peer process in which the transfer of tokens can be done with any users having a bitcoin wallet downloaded on their mobile or device. Bitcoin transactions involve no central authority like a bank, but they are verified by all the nodes in a network.

2. The release of a limited number of units:

Just like bitcoins, XFCCoins also was generated in a limited supply of units.It was created by the Counterparty platform. XFCCoins can be described as Bitcoin2. The units of the coins issued are being locked and stored in the Bitcoin blockchain. Therefore no units can be additionally issued further. Since it has a limited number of units issued, the value of XFCCoin in the game economy will increase and the number of users will also be increased.

3. Uses of the Fantasy football coin:

XFCCoins can be used for the following things in the fantasy football game:

To pay the entry fees needed for entering certain tournaments.

To purchase cards of different players.

For purchasing stadium cards.

For carrying out experimental transactions in the market.

For purchasing products and services.

To be used as an exchange for bitcoin, other forms of cryptocurrency or even Fiat currency.

4. Ways by which users purchase the coins:

There are various ways by which users come to own the fantasy football coin.They are:

Purchasing the coins at a discount pre-sale price with bitcoins.

Purchasing the coins from cryptocurrency exchange services using bitcoins or other types of cryptocurrencies.

Purchasing the coin tokens or coupons from game stores with fiat currency.

Prizes and bonuses won from winning different competitions.

Promotions set up in the social media platforms.

5. Need for a bitcoin wallet based on Counterparty platform:

In order to be part of the fantasy football game and for the transfer of digital tokens and game currency including XFCCoins, player and stadium cards, every user should have a bitcoin wallet based on Counterparty platform on their mobile or other devices. Some of the examples of such a platform include FootballCoin Wallet, CounterWallet, CoinDaddy in the web services and Free wallet in the mobile.

6. It offers complete security:

Since it uses a bitcoin blockchain technology, there is no possibility of fraudulent transactions occurring. Everyone in the network approves and act as an authority in the transfer of tokens whenever it takes place. And another thing is once the football coins are sent, they cannot be canceled. It offers complete security to the users. Users are secured from the most common fraud attempts such as chargeback or unwanted expenses.

7. Complete ownership to the customers once they purchase the coins:

Once the users have purchased digital tokens for the game whether it be XFCCoin, player card or stadium card, users have the complete ownership of these cards. They can do anything on these cards like saving them in their wallet, using them in a game, selling them in the market or transferring them freely to whomever they wish.

8. Fast transfer of tokens:

The transfer of tokens or coins between users irrespective of their location is done quickly. It takes basically only a few minutes because the time required for the transaction requires precisely 12 minutes.

9. Transparent transactions:

Since the transfer of coins, tokens or different cards are being transferred between users in the fantasy football game with the knowledge of all the users in the network. So it has a high level of transparency and it gives the user a secure and fraudless transfer of money.

10. Low transaction fees:

The transaction fees in the case of fantasy football coins are very less. In the actual case of a bitcoin transaction, there are no transaction fees in the transfer of currency from one node to another. Here the bitcoin wallets are involved which takes a small fee for the transaction. They just act like Paypal for the fiat money, but fees much less than that.

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