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10 Insights on Bitchat App

Aug 21, 2017 Posted /  2883 Views

10 Insights on Bitchat App

10 Insights on Bitchat App

Digitization has been adapted by the people around the world, on a large scale. The computer and its technology have been enhanced so much that from e-commerce to any communication, everything has become online. 

Coming to the blockchain technology, it has also been upgraded with more features and functionalities, that it has become very easy and secure to invest in cryptocurrencies. 

From investment to benefits, every organization related to the digital currency, are trying to give their best to the people. This will not only make people aware of the cryptocurrencies but also that they can easily invest and acquire profits from it. The cryptocurrency market is making waves in many fields, from ICOs to regulation of cryptocurrencies, to surging of market prices, there has been a lot of hustle bustle in the digital currency market.

Since, to reach out to the mass easily, mobile applications are been developed for the people so that the interaction becomes easy. A new mobile  app has been introduced in the cryptocurrency market, which is Bitchat App. The Bitchat Network has introduced a new App for the blockchain and bitcoin lovers. 

Let us know more about this App:

1. Bitchat App

Bitchat Application is created for the people who like blockchain technology and invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. It is a decentralized platform which enables an user to share photos, put and get updates about the events which are happening with them related to the digital currencies. 

2. Cause of BitChat

Bitchat believes that there are around 1% of the people who know the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc and the blockchain technology. They thus, aimed to provide a platform to the people who should and need to share the Bitcoin moments with people who are like minded. Thus, for such like minded Bitcoin lovers, BitChat has come up with this App, which will give them and experience of smooth interaction.

3. Features of BitChat

a) Bitchat lets you know the nearest located bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies using people, who are the members of the App, where one can make a group and organize meetups if they want.

b) A user can also discuss about the ongoing, upcoming or any news, updates about the Bitcoin investments on this App. Thus, BitChat can become a portal which will lead and encourage users to share recent news and make other users also aware about it.

c) The blockchain technology is which is rushing towards development, upgradation and has been implemented frequently in many fields. So, people who love this blockchain technology and have interesting facts, news to share about it can share it with other blockchain lovers as well.

d) Photo sharing feature

Bitcoin users and blockchain lovers now have a platform where they can upload their Bitcoin moments by uploading pictures of the captured experiences related to the Bitcoin.

4. Wide range of currencies 

Not only Bitcoin, users can share their moments, news related to other cryptocurrencies as well. The BitChat App has also provisioned to share their updates related to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Dash, about various ICOs, NEM, IOTA, NEO, Litecoin etc.

5. Sort by preferences

BitChat let's you to sort and filter the categories according to their desire, by selecting options from the options. People can sort news from random, from followers, New updates, likes etc.

6. Set range 

BitChat lets you to even set a range for people who are available within the set range. This will help you to find and meet up other users available in that particular area. 

7. Block users

If you find any user who is not showing up a decent behaviour on the platform, you have a right to block that user from your profile. So that further interactions, updates related to that person can avoided. 

8. Enhance your Bitcoin social media life 

With the Bitchat the Bitcoin and blockchain related people have separate decentralized platform where they can easily have interactions with other users. This will let them have chats and discussion over the trends, news related to the Bitcoin, ICOs etc. This will help to have a different social media platform for all the people having similar opinions.

9. Can learn new trends

Since, this is a social media App for Cryptocurrency and blockchain lovers, people will share about the new trends and opinions over the same. Other users can learn, share about their experiences which helps to make people aware and decide about the latest market trends, so that people have a proper insights before making investments.

10. Beta version

A beta version of any App is the version which inhibits the proper feature complete version of the software which will have only minor bug fixes if needed otherwise it is the version which is open to other people and developers for further enhancements or suggestions.

Users can download the beta version 1.1, available of the Bitchat app released by Bitchat network on Android play store.

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