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10 insights on how DIMCOIN ICO is going so far as on 13 July

Jul 13, 2017 Posted /  7090 Views

10 insights on how DIMCOIN ICO is going so far as on 13 July

10 insights on how DIMCOIN ICO is going so far - 13 July 2017

The DIMCOIN is an analytical cryptocurrency which is available around the globe. It is actually a complete financial ecosystem consisting of many useful and innovative features. The main advantage of DIMCOIN is that it has fast transaction rate and it has features to avoid 99% of frauds. The token has an initial supply of 9 billion and its built on te NEM platform which is much efficient than the traditional blockchain technology and provides transparent, secure and decentralized transactions worldwide. Its ICO is scheduled from July 16th to August 27th. Now the Pre-ICO has started and is happening till 15th July. With just 2 days, they have got more than 3500 investors and were able to raise $4,700,630.79. Lots of people and investors are interested in the project because of the efficiency of the team and because of the efficient features the coin establishes.

Here are some insights on how the DIMCOIN ICO is going so far:

1. DIM tokens or the DIMCOIN ICO:

The customers can buy the DIM tokens at the ICO that is happening from July 1st to August 27th. The total supply of the DIM tokens is limited to 10 million. In this, 1 token is equivalent to 100 DIMCOINS. They have set an initial value of the coin as $0.01. Token holders who have more than 50 tokens can get 305 of all the fee transfers that are done on the DIMCOIN ecosystem.

2. Whole ICO structure:

The DIMCOIN ICO countdown started from 1st to 30th of June. From that time itself, there was a lot of hype among the crypto coin investors about this new coin and ecosystem. The Pre-ICO Is happening now and they are able to raise a lot of money in very less time. 1 DIM token = 100 DIMCOINs. And the ICO will be from 16th July to 27th August. For the token holders to get the commission from the platform, they should be in possession of at least 50 DIM tokens. All cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BTC, XEM, etc. 

3.  DIM Ecosystem:

AS it was told earlier, DIMCOIN is not just a cryptocurrency, it a complete financial ecosystem which provides many services like equity trading and management, cryptocurrency-fiat currency conversion, storage, etc. It is very advantageous to the users as it has very fewer transaction fees, has many new innovative features including the DEPOTWALLET, which is the cryptocurrency wallet for the exchange and storage of crypto coins and fiat currency, WISEConsulting, and Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE). And above all the system is completely decentralized.

4. Pre-ICO current status:

Pre-ICO of the DIMCOINs started from 11th July and will be occurring till 15th July. Within just 2 days, they were able to raise an amount of $4,700,630.79 or equivalently 1965.58 BTC and obtained almost 4000 investors. And they have received positive reviews from all over the world. 

5. Payout structure:

According to the foundation, the investors or token holders who have at least 50 DIMCOINs in their possession can get a 30% of total fees earned.  Fee-earnings are in the fields of DIMCOIN, DIM Currencies, Cryptonised Assets, and DEPOTWALLET. For them respectively, 0.1%, 0.1% and 0.5% of transfer earnings and minimum cash out of $5000 for every 1% action are enabled.

6. Bonus structure of ICO:

They are providing large bonuses for Pre-ICO and early investors. The bonus structure is as follows.

Pre-ICO period - 30% bonus
16th-29th July - 20% bonus
30th July-12th August - 15% bonus
13th-19th August - 10% bonus
20th-27th August - 5% bonus
ICO ends - 0% bonus.

7. The price of DIMCOIN:

The initial price of DIMCOIN is decided to be $0.01. Then the price will be determined by further market prices and scenario. Another factor in deciding the price is the developments that are going to happen in the DIM ecosystem.

8. The first payout will be delayed:

They have declared that the first payout of the tokens will be delayed because of the technical issues and manual auditing. According to their rules and regulations, at least 3 members should count and calculate the estimated payout before starting the payout. So counting is still in progress and since they care about the safety and security of the platform, they are delaying the initial payout.

9. 100 transactions are done at a time:

Another thing they have done for the security reasons is that they will be sending only 100 transactions through the Ecosystem's wallet DEPOTWALLET at a time.

10. ICO distribution:

The funds received from the ICO will be distributed to 3 major reasons. The distribution is as follows:
40% - HYBSE
30% - Token holders
30% - Wise Consulting

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