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10 Insights on Sosnovkino ICO

Jul 16, 2017 Posted /  2230 Views

10 Insights on Sosnovkino ICO

10 Insights on Sosnovkino ICO:

Sosnovkino is a Land development project aims to provide all its users the very high profit that can be earned from this industry. The company has their land area worth $3000000 and covering 194 hectares. The company's goal is to create an infrastructure consisting the sewage system, electric system, pipeline connections and all other facilities, and to sell that infrastructure for a value 6 times its initial price. They are launching an ICO for the special project known as the SNKCOIN which is based on the Ethereum platform and using the Solidity programming language. The ICO of the coin is scheduled from July 26th to August 26th with a goal of raising $2700000.

Here are the 10 Insights on the Sosnovkino ICO:

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1. Overview of the project:

Sosnovkino is a real estate related project developed on the basis of blockchain technology which aims to create a quality infrastructure consisting of the sewage system, electric system, pipeline connections and all other facilities, and to sell that infrastructure for a value 6 times its initial price. The project guarantees high security and profitability to the project investors. The company already has their own land area worth $3000000 and spread over 194 hectares. The construction will be completed by October 2018.

2. Advantages of the project:

There are lots of advantages for the project. Some of them are listed below.
(a) The project will be finished in one year.
(b) The land asset is not subjected to inflation and volatility of cryptocurrency thus it is a reliable investment tool.
(c) Investing in Sosnovkino at the stage of ICO will make a profit of 300%.
(d) You have total control at all investment stages over operations of the Foundation through an annual blockchain vote. 
(e) Sales will be finished in 4 years.

3. Sosnovkino Foundation ICO:

The ICO for the SNKCOINS will be happening from July 26th to August 26th with an aim of raising $2700000. ICO is to support the land asset project and to help launch the crypto token of the platform. SNKCOIN is Ethereum based and allows all facilities like smart contracts and security. The initial price of the coin will be $10. After the completion of the ICO, the tokens can be purchased or sold on the exchange at the market rate. Token holders' information is anonymous and protected by the blockchain technology.


SNKCOIN is the crypto token released by the Sosnovkino foundation. The tokens are built on the Ethereum platform as ERC20 tokens and using the Solidity programming language. Total supply of the coins will be limited to 270000 tokens and they will not be affected by the crypto currency market price fluctuations. All transactions will be securely processed in Ethereum Virtual Machine and stored in a block chain – distributed database on numerous nodes around the globe. By buying the tokens token holders are not only presented with a share of the company's profits, but also a share of the land asset.

5. SNKCOIN as EIP20 standard:

SNKCOIN is also made available in the EIP20 standard which is also known as the Standardized Contract API. EIP20 Standard ensures that Integration with the exchanges or any other services is not at all harder like any other Ethereum based Cryptocoin.

6. Blockchain Vote:

This is one of the main advantages of becoming an investor in the project. Token holders have the ability to discuss their suggestions and opinions with other token holders using the blockchain technology and can help in taking the decisions of the company in a general meeting held in December every year which is known as the Blockchain vote. 1 token = 1 vote. Among the 390000 total votes, 270000 belongs to token holders and rest 120000 belongs to the company.

7. Dividend distribution:

Dividend distribution is one of the many concerns for any company who launches an ICO. So the Sosnovkino Foundation has devised a new model for dividend distribution. 30% of the profit will be taken by the project founders and team. THe rest 70% of the profit will be distributed to the token holders after the ICO is over. The dividend is given to the investors quarterly starting from October 2018. Dividends will be paid until the last land plot is sold. Since the estimated selling price of the land plot is $10,200, the investment income can be 350%.

8. Financial model:

The foundation has a special financial model which is devised by looking at the current market trends and price fluctuations. According to their model, they will be selling all the plots in 3 years time starting from November 2017. The cash flow expected from the model is 553 million rubles which are equivalent to $9.4 million.

9. Long term passive income for the investors:

After the end of the project, all engineering communications and land plots of the roads will remain in the Foundation ownership. The income that the company obtains from these properties will be distributed to all its investors and token holders as dividends quarterly.

10. Experienced team in the field of Infrastructure development:

Sosnovkino has a very experienced and efficient set of engineers who have a wide range of experience in the Infrastructure engineering in many countries like Russia, Czech Republic, Thailand, etc. As a rule, land plots for projects have a large area; due to the centralized infrastructure development, their attractiveness increases substantially and the price increases many times over.

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