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10 Reasons to Launch an App In India

May 23, 2017 Posted /  1757 Views

10 Reasons to Launch an App In India

We need to come to grips with the idea that the Information Revolution has changed the way we live and function. Though the plethora of services that are valued in billions of dollars are predominantly seated in the Developed World, that however is no reason why Developing Nations mustn’t bulldoze their way into the future using the power of the Internet.

In a predominantly STEM focused nation, it seems now more than ever, we need our scientists, engineers, and artists to come together and shape the future of the India of our collective imagination. Your app or your startup may cater to any sector or any part of the market, however, the universal reasons as to why it ought to be birthed in India and not in Silicon Valley is the message I seek to convey at the heart of this essay.

While I could cite the economic benefits of launching an app India, I am consciously not going to do so because my job isn't to be the closet economist. It's actually far more different and unexpected. My task is to be the evangelist who dreams why is it philosophically a great idea to launch your product in India. And this essay is an extension of that perspective.

Here are 10 reasons why you ought to launch an app in India.

#01 : We have 1.3 Billion People

Apart from being the world’s largest democracy we also have one of the largest populations on Earth. This means that there are several strata of society that are remarkably underserved or tragically underdeveloped. Your app can serve the emerging the Middle Class or uplift the life of those who aren’t as lucky as the rest of us. This shouldn’t be seen as a problem (As it so often does) but rather as an opportunity; a chance to leave society a little bit better that than the one we were born into. Its the magnanimity of thought that matters. You, as someone who wishes to launch an app or start a startup in India are a vital figure in shaping how we evaluate the measure of a meaningful life for posterity through your choices and your actions. Hence, through your actions you leave the young Indians with a different sense accomplishment than what is often fed into their minds through age-old (mis)conceptions.

#02 : Quality of Educated Thought

India is a country that is rich in young people who are incredibly well educated. We consistently rank among the brightest and the best in the world and we have also built institutions of learning that provide a very high standard of employable education. The question that one begets thereon is whether you leverage your education developing services for corporations that are overseas or obtain the best possible education and become an agent of change. It is unfortunate that a large number of people choose the former over the latter. However change begins with us, the individual. And if we take a stand and do what we believe is great work in India, it might inspire a change in the mindset of young people in the years to come.

#03 : The Opportunity to Expand the Definition of Social Entrepreneurship

As I’ve mentioned earlier, we have both an emerging Middle Class as well as a remarkably underserved Backward Classes. While Corporations can help through CSR programs, India has an opportunity to expand the accepted definition of Social Entrepreneurship by creating services or products that are aimed at the moving the needle of India into the direction of the Developed World. Clean Water, Education and Fundamental Rights can be brought to those far away from our ultra-connected Megacities. This could a start of something radical and unprecedented in the history of the civilised world, and you have an opportunity to be at the centre of this remarkable social change.

#04 : A Chance to Propel a Developing Nation into the Future

Young people look up the masters and the entrepreneurs for wisdom and direction. While there are a handful of masters and entrepreneurs in India, its not enough. Why ? Because we still look to the billionaires in New York, London and Silicon Valley to define what does it mean to be successful. We consistently fail to take into account the pre-existing prosperity, intellectual culture and the infrastructural frameworks these ‘ultra-successful’ entrepreneurs are often born into. If we have a chance to propel into the future, the first step would be build that prosperity, intellectual culture and infrastructural frameworks because those are things which are sorely missing in our society. The first step into the future is to imagine a new world.

#05 : To Inspire the Youngest Nation in the World

As we all know, India is one of the youngest countries in the world. And Young India need heroes to look up to. We need heroes to build the impossible buildings and tear down venomous ideologies by empowering people of all backgrounds, regardless of differences. We need to imbibe a culture of hard-work, self-reliance and risk taking that both serves the individual’s self-interest and society at large. Once the old guard creates such a paradigm, the Young find ways and means of exponentially improving and expanding the framework as they live and work. Every generation needs a hero and you, by deciding to birth your startup in India, are halfway there, becoming an immediate hero to those around you.

#06 : To Foster a Future Focused Culture

Culture isn’t something most corporations, let alone societies, take very seriously and if they do, they do a terrible job at it. Western startups have made mistakes and we have the Internet to look into what were these mistakes so that we can avoid them. As an entrepreneur you have the gift of looking into the future and inspiring people to join you on your journey. When you make a decision such as that you have a chance of going down the annals of Indian Startup History, making a name for yourself as the innovator, the master who forced a generation of young people to rewrite the status quo and believe in doing new things.

#07 : Create Bleeding Edges of Progress

A part of launching an app India means prosperity of a very tangible kind. While some fail, those who succeed have the opportunity to give back and reinvest in the future by improving the quality of communication and education. There is no reason why Harvard has to be only in the United States. With enough smart people we can attract the best minds, both learners and teachers, to create institutions that are focused on multiple domains of science, arts and the humanities. This needs to be a conscientious decision made by a bulk of people deeply invested in the idea of progress and share a dream of India pioneering in fields such as bioengineering and Strong Artificial Intelligence.

#08 : The Opportunity Cost Is Almost Negligible

The economics of app creation are almost negligible because the cost of development are almost close to zero.The real costs really come down when you begin the process of scaling. Therefore, the Government, in its infinite wisdom, has come up with programs that aid these very early stage ventures by providing support and mentoring. Its a very radical move to have young developers rub shoulders with people who have had a successful history of doing big things. Its a bet that is made invoking ideas of freedom, power and responsibility.

#09 : Its Your World

As an entrepreneur and an Indian you have a say in the direction the nation takes as it moves into the future. Even better, you can steer it in the direction that it ought be. This is a very unique power very few people can get their hands on. You as a stakeholder have it in you to provide services and products that has the opportunity to empower over a billion people to enrich their way of life. Such freedom and such a market are both very rare and the probability of its intersection and the odds of you being born into such an economy are incredible odds that has come to life. Therefore, why let it fizzle ? Make the most of it.

#10 : Redefine Independence

Our current definition of the conceptual idea of Independence is one rooted in history. Its about how a nation came together to win its right to govern herself. The story of the 21st century is going to be one where Independence will be defined in a socioeconomic context. When the Future looks back, it will view the ability to move out of our individual sense of self and the dedication our lives to a cause larger than us as one that would’ve contributed to a significant chunk of progress into a better world. Being independent just doesn’t mean being free, it means being responsible and conscientious about the kind of life we lead and the world we leave behind.

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