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10 wearable to watch in 2017

Mar 08, 2017 Posted /  1724 Views

10 wearable to watch in 2017

You might be wondering that what these wearable are. Are they clothes, hats or any other things? But, it’s not. Wearable gadgets are the smart electronic device that can be worn on the body just like the normal clothes. So, next question arises that why anyone would wear these things if they have beautiful clothes. Well, all these gadgets perform a special task. There are many gadgets like activity tracker that tracks your activity throughout the day. There are wearable that calculates the fats burnt every day which would help to maintain the record about your health, calculates your heart beat rate and much more things. Now, you know that why these wearable are used. These wearable gadgets are getting popular day by day and there are many reasons for that. Some of these reasons are the advancement in the technology like IOT (Internet of Things), machine learning and much more. These devices have one more advantage that they are very easy to carry around and you do not feel like you are wearing anything extra. It also adds to your look. So, let’s look at the 10 wearable that we could expect to create a huge buzz in the market.

1. Fitbit charger 2
The new Fitbit charger 2 is a follow up to its previous gadget Charger HR. It’s a good wearable device for the average person. The main feature of this device are a five day battery life, always tracks the activity of your heart, has a large OLED display that enables you to see all the data clearly.

2. Apple Watch series 2
It could be the best smart watch till date. Apple has added lots of new and cool feature to its previous version. It has a new watch OS 3 which is similar to iOS10. The main improvement in this version is its display. You can clearly see everything even in the bright sunlight. It also has the GPS support and waterproof support. So, it could be a great buy.

3. Samsung Gear Fit 2
This is a great looking device by popular brand Samsung. It has a super AMOLED display that lets you watch everything clearly. The main improvement in this version is that this device is more users friendly and interactive. This device includes the GPS and heart rate sensor. It also has Spotify integration for the music lovers.

4. Garmin Forerunner 235
This is a great fitness device if you do running or jogging daily. It lets the user track all the details like the distance that you covered, pace, calories that you consumed and many more. It also includes the optical heart rate sensor. The main thing about this device is that it’s so easy and simple to wear.

5. Misfit Ray
It’s a stylish and waterproof device that lets you track your fitness. The main attraction of this device is that it sends all the data from your smartphone and also tells you to move.

6. Huawei Watch
This watch made by Huawei is a good looking and lightweight device. It is fully compatible with Android wear 2.0. The main attraction of this device its great display and use of sapphire crystal which makes it difficult to break or scratch. It does not have all those fancy as its competitor’s features but it sure looks great and classy.

7. Fitbit Alta
It’s another great wearable gadget by Fitbit. This device allows tracking your sleeping activity. This device shows all the essential stats and it notifies you on your smartphone.

8. Oakely Radar pace
This device is bit different from what we have seen above. Its smart sunglass which has may feature like accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, proximity sensor, with Bluetooth support. This device is so light that you do not feel any extra weight when you wear them. It can also be paired with the heart rate strap easily.

9. Motiv Ring
This device is for those people who feel uncomfortable in wearing a fitness watch. This device fits in you figure perfectly and add a great look your personality. This has feature like heart rate sensor step tracker and sleep monitor.

10. Tom Tom spark 3 cardio+ music
This device is great for these guys who love to do fitness exercise with listening to music. It also includes all the feature like other fitness bands.

These were few of the wearable devices that are expected to draw a lot of attention of user toward them this year. Let’s see that which of these devices goes on to impress the user the most.

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