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15 insights on BmyBit ICO

Sep 01, 2017 Posted /  2221 Views

15 insights on BmyBit ICO

15 insights on BmyBit

BmyBit is platform which facilitates the ease of a personal automated trading on many digital assets exchange platforms. Let us have a few insights over BmyBit and some facts about its Pre-Sale: 

1. About BmyBit

BmyBit enables automatic trading across multiple digital assets exchanges. It makes the investing in the world's most popular digital markets has never been easier, with their enhanced feature and a perfect well-organized platform for trading, providing solutions to many of the problems. 

2. What is BmyCoin?

The BmyCoin is a MultiChain token. The Token's purpose is to allow users registered at to pay fees for using the platform's services, most notably the Personal Automated Trading System (PATS), as well as to hold a portion of the platform.

3. bPrivate and bPublic

Any organisation is currently able to adopt a private Blockchain for internal purposes, but there is not always the need for this. In many cases, the project can be implemented perfectly well using a regular relational database. The process of defining the Blockchain’s Parameters is the most important step when deciding to

adopt a private Blockchain.

4. Requirements for bPrivate

Essential requirements for a bPrivate:

a. shared databases

b. databases with multiple writers

c. If multiple entities are writing to the database: databases with multiple non-trusting writers

d. interaction between the transactions created by these writers.

5. Importance of Multichain 

Bitcoin compatible wher a key design principle of MultiChain is maximal compatibility with Bitcoin Core, the reference client for the bitcoin network. We can dynamically control who can connect, send and receive transactions, create assets, streams and blocks. Each blockchain is as open or as closed as you need, thus it helps to manage permissions By the data stream function of multichain we can create multiple key-value, time series or identity databases on a blockchain. Ideal for data sharing, timestamping and encrypted archiving. 

6. BmyCoin (BMYC) PRE-SALE Terms

This Pre-Sale allows you to contribute in an early stage, before the actual opening date of the formal BmyCoin Token Sale. The first and second period stage are already over, let us have a view over the third and last period satge process is designed for parties with prior cryptocurrency experience:

a. The third period start will be on 14 September 2017, where 1 BmyCoin will be equal to 3.25$

b. And the last period wil be on 29th September 2017, where 1 BmyCoin will be equal to 3.50$

7. BmyBit Bounty Program

The complete bounty pool is 250 000 BmyCoins (equating to 2.5% of the BMYC available at Pre-sale or US$875,000) to be split between this program and technical reviews:

The bounty programs are:

a. Join and use PATS where Bounty Pool will be equal to 15,000 BMYC or approx US$52,500

b. Slack Subscription and Join and use PATS where Bounty Pool  will be equal to15,000 BMYC or approx US$52,500

c. Social Channel Activity Campaigns where Bounty Pool will be equal to 50,000 BMYC, i.e. approx US$175,000

d. BitcoinTalk Signature & Avatar Campaign where Bounty Pool will be equal to 70,000 BMYC, i.e. approx US$245,000

e. Community Manager Campaign 1–2 Managers for Each Country where Bounty Pool will be equal to 60,000BMYC or US$210,000

f. Translation Campaign where Bounty Pool will be equal to 20,000 BMYC or approx US$70,000

8. Trading procedure made easy

To trade on BmyBit there are few erasy steps involved like:

a. First, register on bmybit

b. Then, provide your APIs from exchanges

c. In the next step, just pick a promising currency

d. Decide the size and risk of your investment

e.Finally, start your strategy.

9. Issuance of Bmycoin

The total amount of BmyCoin issued will be 10 million. 1.5 million BmyCoins will be distributed for the marketing bounties to the crowd, and an additional 2 million will be allocated amongst the BmyBit team members. BmyBit will keep 2.5 million Tokens in reserve, while the crowdsale, which inlcudes the Pre-sale and the ICO, will constitute for 4 million BmyCoins. Additionally, 2 million BmyCoins will be burnt on the 'first-in, first-burnt' basis, starting immediately. The total of other 3 million BmyCoin will start being burnt as soon as the reserve of 2.5 million BmyCoins will start to be released in the market.

10. The Distribution 

The Total BmyCoin (BMYC) will be 10,000,000, where 4,000,000 will be for Crowdsale, 2,500,000 will be kept for Reserve, 2,000,000 will be kept for the team, 1,500,000 will be for Marketing. 

11. PATS 

The BmyBit's Personal Automated Trading System - PATS - is a cloud-based web application using predictive analytics, interconnected to digital exchanges through APIs. The software is governed by a control panel, which embeds trading functionalities to enhance usability and performance; a dedicated Alarm page; data analysis; downloadable statements. From the PATS’ control panel, users can start automated strategies for trading pairs of currencies and compare the best prices between different markets in order to produce profits by arbitrage

12. Benefits 

The benefits are that it saves your time, they don’t hold your funds, they provide 6 predictive analytic indices to help you stay on top of your investment, its is a multiple exchanges in one solution platfrom, you can create your own business by using our rest APIs, and their sophisticated algorithms work 24/7 with no downtime. Just few clicks and you can start speculate with digital assets.

13. Offering solutions

BmyBit has developed a Personal Automated Trading System (PATS) which operates across multiple digital asset exchanges. There is no deposit required when joining PATS and the customers’ funds are stored safely in the wallets of the exchangeschosen by them. The API facility will enable customers to conduct their own trading. 

14. Anti money laundering software

Many new businesses connected with BmyBit's APIs will hold client funds, therefore, the company has developed an Anti money laundering and know your client software,  that uses Optical Character Reader (OCR) technology. The compliance screening will be connected to the BmyBit blockchain (January 2018) and all information will be embedded into dedicated streams.

15. Goals of BmyBit

BmyBit wants to innovate by introducing a multileveled blockchain with a C2C SaaS model, thus giving a perfect automated trading experience and platformfor all the users.

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