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15 Insights on KenCoin ICO

Jul 20, 2017 Posted /  4057 Views

15 Insights on KenCoin ICO

15 Insights on KenCoin ICO:

There is one area of life in which even ordinary law-abiding citizens will go to great lengths to safeguard their personal privacy, that is the area of sexuality. Most people take care to use private browsers and avoid disclosing any personal information when seeking out content that fulfills their sexual fantasies. Many prospective customers visit websites that fulfill their fantasies, only to drop out of the signup/payment process at the moment the website asks for personal or financial details. Kencoin is a cryptocurrency solution which allows complete anonymity to the customers and for the transactions both online and offline. It is a solution that is going to revolutionalise the adult entertainment industry.

Applancer provides 15 insights on the Kencoin:

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1. What is Kencoin:

Kencoin is a fully anonymous cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain technology that makes adult entertainment transactions safe, secure, and completely private. With just a click, Kencoin users can pay for access to the adult content they seek, without risk of exposure or disclosure of any personal details. They also provide a merchant wallet, a payment wallet and a payment gateway which allows the conversion of Kencoins into other crypto coins or fiat currency.

2. When other crypto coins are available, why Kencoin:

Bitcoin is a generalist crypto currency. In other words, its use and adoption have spread across many verticals and industries. It has a wide range of global uses and will continue to develop further. As is the case with most of the other cryptocurrencies. Kencoin, on the other hand, is industry-specific. Its purpose is to be constantly marketed to all partner and merchants in the adult entertainment sector, as well as their consumers. Therefore, Kencoin will be recycled through the industry, creating wealth for industry service providers.

3. Kencoin Protocol:

Kencoin is an industry-specific cryptocurrency, targeting the adult entertainment sector. It can be considered as a standard currency for anonymous, safe transactions in all sex and dating-related purchases. Kencoin solves the problem of anonymity and privacy in the industry in one stroke, with a completely anonymous cryptocurrency that leverages blockchain technology to provide users with anonymity and pleasure, privacy and secured transactions, while delivering previously unreachable Alpha to adult industry merchants.

4. Problems faced by the adult website owners:

Users’ desire to preserve absolute privacy creates major hurdles for businesses in the adult sector. Many prospective customers visit websites that fulfill their fantasies, only to drop out of the signup/payment process at the moment the website asks for personal or financial details. Thus, owners of adult websites lose a significant amount of business every day, simply because their users lack a safe, anonymous way to pay for the content they want.

5. Complete anonymity:

Specifically adequate to the Adult Industry, the Kencoin offers its users complete anonymity and discretion. This is a cornerstone feature needed by every consumer, further backed by the Blockchain and its smart contract, ensuring at the same time transaction security.

6. Marketing:

The Kencoin Marketing team, an experienced group of internet professionals are expanding the Kencoin merchant network by targeting and affiliating the leading partners in the Adult Entertainment world, The Kencoin team will provide incentive to our leading partners by reserving part of the ICO’s Kencoins to allow them to in turn affiliate their users to use the Kencoin currency to spend on their respective platforms.

7. Kencoin User Advantage:

As part of the Partners’  network expansion, The Kencoin marketing team is implementing a user advantage program where Kencoin Spenders will benefit from a significant discount of 20% on all purchases done using Kencoin at partner locations and websites to enable fast adoption of the Kencoin.

8. Features of Kencoins:

Kencoin is structured as a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Kencoins can be stored in any Ethereum wallet or exchange, where they remain secured and easy to use and move from any storage system to another and it never expires. Kencoins can be acquired from other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, or purchased with traditional currencies. They can be used completely anonymously at any Kencoin online or offline reseller. Furthermore, they fully address the need for anonymity, as they can be used interchangeably in every corner of the adult and dating industry regardless of type, region, financial payment restrictions or user identity.

9. Solves the problem of chargeback:

Kencoin solves the problem of "charge backs" in the transactions through the help of Ethereum Ledger Technology. Every Kencoin merchant will be able to both track and verify that a payment has indeed been completed when a customer requests to pay in Kencoins. Since every payment is both verifiable and irreversible, the online vendor can obtain assurance that they have already been paid for the service they have provided.

10. The Spending Wallet:

Built on the Ethereum protocol, the Kencoin spending wallet is very much similar to an Ethereum wallet, offering the user both online and offline methods of keeping Kencoins, using blockchain technology. The wallet is constructed in such a way that it can very easily receive details of a merchant’s Kencoin wallet, significantly simplifying transactions when customers purchase products or services from Kencoin merchants, particularly in an offline environment.

11. The Merchant Wallet:

The Kencoin Merchant wallet, a wallet used primarily by vendors supporting Kencoin payments, provides two major functions.

(a) The Kencoin Merchant wallet can serve as a spending wallet, giving the merchant the ability to store received or purchased Kencoins, either offline or online and to create multi-signature wallets and sub-allocations.
(b) As the market continues to evolve, the Kencoin Merchant wallet will constantly be adapted to fit merchants’ and vendors’ emerging needs.

The Merchant wallet has the service of another mainstream cryptocurrency exchange which facilitates the conversion of received Kencoins into any other cryptocurrency or fiat money for the merchants.

12. Payment Gateway:

All Kencoin partners will utilize a customized and proprietary centralized payment gateway solution built by its developers. The gateway will offer Kencoin as a featured payment option for purchasing content and services. Users will be able to acquire Kencoin directly within the payment gateway, with Bitcoin, credit cards, and other local payment methods, without ever having to leave the website. The payment gateway is designed for security, scalability, and simplicity and it is based on Hadoop and HBase.

13. KCN Token:

Kencoin (KCN) is a token based on the Ethereum platform. Its design follows widely adopted token implementation standards, making it easy to manage using existing solutions, including Ethereum wallet. Purchasers in the initial sale will acquire KCN in exchange for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) at the USD value of each investment at the time of investment.

14. KCN token ICO:

The token ICO is scheduled to start from August 22nd. It will continue for next 21 days. Out of the total supply of 1 billion tokens, 600 million KCN tokens are reserved for the purpose of the ICO. No token creation, minting or mining will take place after the crowdfunding period. Tokens will be transferable and listed on exchanges once the crowdfunding is completed.

15. Use of proceeds:

All funds raised in the crowd sale shall be allocated for the development and marketing of the Kencoin tokens and project. All proceeds of the ICO will go to an Escrow account at the Kencoin Foundation in multi-signature wallets. The funds raised will be used to research, develop, create and spread the adoption of Kencoins across the adult and dating industry.

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