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15 Insights on MoneyTech ICO

Jul 05, 2017 Posted /  1987 Views

15 Insights on MoneyTech ICO

15 Insights on MoneyTech ICO:


Mining today is a long-term and highly profitable business that will remain relevant for a long time. Mining bitcoin has been started more than 8 years and this process does not lose its relevance even today. MoneyTech is the very first coin which is provided along with the mining equipment. Currently, they are engaged in mining altcoins like ETH and Zcash which are gaining popularity and has a high chance of profitability.


Here are 15 insights about the world's first crypto coin provided with the mining equipment, MoneyTech:


1. Moneytech mining:


MoneyTech provides mining facilities for crypto coins like ETH and Zcash which has a higher rate of profitability in the due course. It gives co-ownership to the mining business for the investors or token holders of MoneyTech. For unprofessional miners, keeping mining equipment in the home causes lots of inconveniences. More people are coming into the crypto mining industry, but the cost of the mining equipment is also increasing equally. When other mining companies provide their mining equipment for rent, MoneyTech offers co-ownership to the investors.


2. Prospects for mining ETH:


The interest in the ETH cryptocurrency will grow exponentially and we can see a rapid growth of this crypto coin over the coming years. And it is the Ether that can become the second cryptocurrency, the capitalization of which will overcome the mark of one billion dollars. At this moment the only crypto coin which has a cap higher than that is Bitcoin which has 14 billion as their capitalization. So mining ETH will be very profitable in the current scenario.


3. Prospects of mining Zcash:


Zcash (ZEC) appeared on October 28, 2016, and the developers described their offspring as follows: "If Bitcoin can be compared to HTTP for money, then Zcash is https." Its most important feature was the anonymity in transactions. Zcash uses a zero-disclosure proof scheme called zk-SNARK, developed by the project team. The algorithms used, allows the network to maintain a secure balance sheet without disclosing the sides and amounts involved in the network. Zcash's mining remains one of the most profitable in comparison with other existing crypto-currencies.


4. Technical base of Moneytech Ltd.:


MoneyTech's mining farms or technical bases are located in Ukraine, where world's lowest cost of consumed electricity is available, which ensures the efficiency in the production of cryptocurrency. MoneyTech purchased and installed two types of mining farms for more than$100,000, now the ETH and Zcash mining is underway.


5. 2 types of mining equipment:


For cryptocurrency production, MoneyTech uses 2 types of mining equipment – for 4 video cards and 6 video cards.In the case of 6 video cards, for ETH, they are using Radeon Rx 570/580, has a productivity of  165-175 MH-s and average income per month of  3.6 ETH, while for 4 video cards for ETH, productivity is 110-118 MH-s Average income per month is 2.4 ETH. Similarly, for Zcash, GeForce GTX 1060/1070 is used and for 6 video cards and 4 video cards, an average income per month of 2.55 Zcash and 1.7 Zcash are obtained respectively.


6. Adaptive mining technology:


MoneyTech Ltd. uses an adaptive mining technology which allows the production of any cryptocurrency y which is highly profitable. Currently, the most popular and profitable cryptocurrencies are Monero, ETH, and Zcash.


7. MoneyTech (MT) tokens:


MoneyTech (MT) is a first token, based on real crypto mining business, which allows everyone not only to get profit from ETH/ZCash mining but also to be co-owners of the mining farm. MoneyTech is based on Waves platform and issued in the limited supply of 500 000 MTs. Investors will be able to purchase tokens in their dashboard via USD/BTC/ETH/Monero and other payment methods allowed in Changelly processing


8. MoneyTech Token ICO:


ICO of the MoneyTech (MT) token is scheduled from June 28th to August 2nd. The total supply of tokens is limited to 500000 MT. ICO will last for 5 weeks. MoneyTech introduces a discounted rate for the different periods of ICO:

1 week - 1 MT = 0.85 USD

2 week - 1 MT = 0.88 USD

3 week - 1 MT = 0.91 USD

4 week - 1 MT = 0.94 USD

5 week - 1 MT = 0.97 USD


9.  Limited supply of the coins:


The supply of coins is limited to 500 000 MT. After the ICO, no tokens will be created afterward. The limited supply of coins helps in the long term increase of market price for the crypto coin.


10. Post ICO:


When ICO ends, the starting recommending exchange price of 1 MT = 1 USD. If the tokens are completely purchased in the first week of the ICO, then the funds will be distributed as  83% for the setting up of 7 new mining farms and purchase of equipment, 12% for the technical equipment and premises for mining, and the rest 5% as founder's compensation.


11. Users can be co-owners of mining farm by purchasing tokens:


This is the most important feature of MoneyTech ICO. Users who buy the official token of MoneyTech can be the co-owners of the mining business. The token holders have the ability to manage the company through open voting. Along with that, Each investor or the token holder has the right to determine which token the company produce, and how the profits should be distributed.


12. Waves network:


The MT tokens are build up on the Waves platform. The Waves is a platform which works on blockchain technology which has all the functionalities of the BitCoin, but extending them further to facilitate not only the transfer of value transfer but for other applications also. This doesn't mean it's a replacement to the BitCoins, but it is a platform where all Bitcoins, other crypto coins, assets or fiat currency are transferred and exchanged in a completely decentralized manner. The waves have its own wallet for facilitating the crowdfunding.

13. Wallet software:


The Waves platform has its own wallet for the transactions happening. Using this wallet, the exchange of Cryptocurrency like ETH, Waves, BTC, etc and Fiat currency (USD, EUR, etc.) is possible. Conversion of different cryptocurrencies is also possible.


14. The business plan for the ICO:


Moneytech token capitalization has a direct correlation with the growth of the company's assets. The supply of tokens is limited - 500,000 MT. In case if during the first ICO week all tokens will be purchased (the minimum plan), the setting up of 70 mining farms will provide monthly production of ETH or Zcash. And from that, thay will be able to get a profit of 56,000 USD per month.


15. Further growth:


According to the current growth plan, Moneytech's capitalization will increase 4% in every month in geometric progression, and for a  year, it will increase by 60%. After the ICO ends, the start bid price of the token will be 1MT = 1 USD. That will be increased to high values in the coming years. The profitability of users is directly proportional to the company's capitalization.

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