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15 Insights on Paragon Coin Crowdsale

Aug 20, 2017 Posted /  17084 Views

15 Insights on Paragon Coin Crowdsale

15 Insights on Paragon Coin Crowdsale 

Cannabis is the plant about which everyone has heard about. Be it about its illegal nature, its usage, risks, benefits, etc. We all keep hearing about it time and again. It has always been in the news for some or the other reasons. The cannabis business has usually been uneven, unreliable, and illegal, but it is now moving towards better legality. Researches conducted on Cannabis  shows health benefits and some social movements are approaching for legalization. A way to perk up the reputation is to update it, make it standardized, fully supportable, and built on a system of trust among patients, doctors, growers, and suppliers. A blockchain company has  took the initiative to make use of the blockchain technology in the Cannabis industry, which is Paragon.

Let us have few insights over the Paragon Coin Crowdsale:

1. Paragon Crowdsale

The blockchain technology gives a solution to most of the problems related to Cannabis . Smart contracts built on a blockchain technology remove borders and connect keen people all through the world. The committed advocates can use social platforms to change laws, stop prosecutions, and eventually legalize cannabis.

2. Forces behind the legalization

The forces behind the legalization of Cannabis are increased public opinion favors legalization, numerous medical research, Cannabis has a unique and passionate following which increases the demand for Cannabis and encourages to make it legal.

3. Mission behind making Paragon

They want to support vital cause, support the blockchain community, by standardizing and unifying a fragmented industry, to seek to create a physical ecosystem for cannabis and the new cryptocoin.They are transparent and aim to give their members a voice.

4. Use of Smart contracts

Paragon will use blockchain smart contracts to create an immutable ledger for all industry related data via Paragon Chain,  offer payment for industry related services and supplies through ParagonCoin, establish niche co-working spaces via ParagonSpace, organize and unite global legalization efforts through ParagonOnline ,bring standardization of licensing, lab testing, transactions, supply chain and ID verification through apps built in ParagonAccelerator.

5. Blockchain usage within the cannabis industry

 Blockchain can be used for the verification of medical marijuana IDs and prescriptions, there will be a supply chain transparency,it will lets multiple apps simultaneously interact with any piece of information stored in blockchain, it will facilitates peer to peer transactions across the globe,can verify certifications or certain properties of physical products etc.

6. The Paragon Coin

The ParaonCoin (PRG) can generate a global ecosystem where businesses and consumers can rapidly and easily verifiably transfer funds in  business to business, business to consumer, and consumer to consumer. A cryptocurrency correctly implemented is the logical way out to an ongoing issue with an unregulated marketplace. It readily solves the most major obstruction to cannabis innovation and growth which are the banking and payments issues.

7. Paragon Crowdsale 

The paragon Crowdsale has already begun, it will end on 15th October 2017. It is based on Ethereum, a total of 200,000,000 PRG will be generated, tokens are created with an ERC20 token smart contract.

8. Token distribution

The token will be distributed like 100,000,000 tokens for sale valued at $1.00 USD each at stage 1, 50,000,000 tokens for sale at stage 2, 40,000,000 tokens allotted for Paragon controlled reserve to maintain price support of the PRG tokens, 10,000,000 tokens community-controlled reserve to be used for the best startup ideas as voted on by the community.

9. How to get the tokens

The initial token crowdsale will take place till  September 15, 2017, and can be accessed via their website which is Please register for the token crowdsale so you are notified of the opening of the event. After the initial token crowdsale , opening a coin account with Paragon will be easy and free using existing Ethereum wallets. Because Paragon is truly decentralized, it uses peer to peer technology to operate with no central authority.

10. Paragon space

ParagonSpace fulfills an essential need in the cannabis industry. Areas zoned for cannabis businesses are limited and office space is tight and high priced. Many landlords will not rent to a cannabis business because they fear legal ramifications. Furthermore, most cannabis businesses work in isolation.  This may be the only physical community setting where cannabis ideas can cross pollinate and members receive encouragement and support.

11. Aim of Paragon space

It supports the goals like offering vital physical office space so like-minded people can work and brainstorm, supports the ParagonCoin tokens by only accepting PRG in payment for access to office space and to purchase office equipment, printing and other services,snacks, and nearly anything else necessary to function in this business environment, will help to solve a real and substantial office space problem in the quickly growing legal cannabis industry.

12. Paragon accelerator

ParagonAccelerator will work within the ParagonSpace and ParagonOnline communities. Both will have access to the extensive cannabis library and blockchain smart contract technology. Benefits of an applied incubator model includes increased entrepreneurship, corporate downsizing, increased involvement of educational institutions in technology transfer, economic globalization etc.

13. Collaboration with IOTA

For the distribution and data integrity they will use IOTA which has no scaling limitations on transactions. Via the IOTA’s next generation distributed ledger  ParagonCoin will be able to transmit and secure all kinds of data which willl be tamper proof in fashion. IOTA we can build an entire end-to-end verifiable audit trail of all the data and information related to the production of cannabis for free at a fine granular level in real time. 

14. Risks

Every user should carefully consider and evaluate each of the following risk factors and all other information contained in the terms before deciding to participate in the PARAGONCOIN Token Generation Event (the “TGE”). Some risk factors include ,egative publicity may materially and adversely affect the price of the PRG tokens, they may not be able to pay any anticipated rewards in the future, there is no assurance of any success of PARAGONCOIN Platform or any Future Business line, the funds raised in the Token Generation Event are exposed to risks of theft etc.

15. Vision for Cannabis

Paragon strategizes  to make a structure and technology that will answer the issues that surround the legal cannabis industry. The technology is ready to be used and sets up Paragon to take advantage of the ever increasing scope of cannabis legalization. By building on the blockchain network and community, legalization of cannabis can happen much more quickly, placing Paragon in the pre eminent position of a global cannabis cryptocurrency. 

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