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15 Insights on SmartRe ICO

Jul 31, 2017 Posted /  2184 Views

15 Insights on SmartRe ICO

15 Insights on SmartRe ICO

What is SmartRe ICO?

It is the first real estate tokenization platform which uses the Ethereum blockchain system so as to ensure the proper functioning and cooperation between the investors and the homeowners. It aims at maintaining proper trust and transparencies in the working methodology of the two parties simultaneously. It provides a shear chance to the investors to perform all their transactions without being much concerned about the Interest and additional debts.

The Insights on SmartRe ICO are mentioned below:

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1. It believes in providing equality:

It makes it possible from people across the world to invest in the largest and the most secure single market real estate industry i.e. Investment in the United States. It provides people with an opportunity to invest distinctly in several properties in the US. It is not compulsory to invest all the money in the same estate. There are many other real estates which we come across but not all of them allow everyone to invest. Some of them are occupied for the people of their own community.

For example: There are many real estate industries in Mumbai (India), which have already made it clear that only the Maharastrians (The Marathis who live there) can purchase the land of their own. They do so for the growth of their own community.

In this sort of particularity, SmartRe turns out to be a savior as it doesn't has any such provision.

2. It doesn’t let any middleman involve in the process:

One of the reason behind the super flourishment of the SmartRe ICO is the opportunity which it provides by letting people contact directly with the housemen. There isn’t involvement of any middleman in the entire process. This leads to the faster and easier accomplishment of the task. The involvment of third party sometimes leads to the misunderstandings due to the communication gap. But, since they are not involved under this, the entire process has become way more smoother and faster.

3. It provides full security:

In today’s world where everything has a risk of its own, it is very difficult for the general people to decide where to invest and where not to; SmartRe ICO makes it easily trustable because of the security it provides. It makes sure that all the informations which have been provided doesnot gets leaked and disclosed. 

4. All the processes are immutable:

It makes sure that the process is entirely immutable therefore every transaction is recorded as well as processed in the Ethereum Blockchain. It has a very complicated 

methodology which is not easily known and the muting shall require very skilled technicians. They have designed it in a way that only they can decode it. Thus, making it safer.

5. It lowers the total expense:

The entire process works without involvement of any middleman. When external parties are involved they have their commisions and they charge. Therefore no middlemen, reduces the total expense which is created during other real estate purchases as there are so many people between the investors and the housemen.

6. The process is totally Fraud-proof:

Block chain networks are purposely designed by experienced technicians and engineers in a way that it includes thousands of nodes which makes the tampering process next to impossible as it would require immense amount of money and skill. Thus reducing the chances of fraud. They are well familiar with the trends that are prevailing in the world be it the mystery of hackers or the muters. Therefore, they have came up with a pattern which shall not be resolved easily.

7. The system is protected:

In order to ensure the protection of the market values, customized insurance policies are utilised so that they won't get easily resolved.

8. It has a goal of turning into a multi-billion dollar industry:

Just like any other bigger start up SmartRe ICO focuses on expanding into several countries and spreading its reach among the entire world to ensure every part of the world experiences this. It aims at turning into a multi – billion dollar industry which focuses on building the bond between the two sides of the coin i.e. the buyers and the sellers. It is looking forward to change the current scenario into something better.

9. It gives chance to various start ups:

They believe in providing legitimate and rational chances to the start ups so that they can indulge the new ideas and methodologies for the smooth functioning of the entire system. This has opened gates for people to explore and come up with sustainable ideas to be a part of the entire process. In this way it is expanding its links with the skilled entrepreneurs.

10. It aims at helping homeowners and investors altogether:

Apart from several other sectors it aims at, one of the basic mottos behind SmartRe ICO was to provide the investors and house owner’s fair chance to complete the process in a better way as having the finance and letting it be locked in the room wasn’t considered a good idea by them. They wanted people to invest the money and get as many profit as they could avail.

11. SRE coins reduces 75% of the total expense:

SRE coins are specially designed under this ICO which was present in a limited number and had certain distinct uses. Its usage reduced the total expense of the ethereum smart contract by almost 75% therefore making it benificial for the SRE coin users.

12. SRE coins can be used as a barter for platform fee:

After a few time of the upcoming of the SRE trend, its value increased to a level that they were used as a medium to exchange the platform fee and therefore SRE coins turned out to be something of great value and applications.

13. The team of SmartRe ICO consists of  experienced programmers and engineers:

The team included the veterans of Silicon Valley who were once in the university and are now working together in building a multi-billion industry.  It consisted of well qualified and experienced programmers and engineers.  This was not their first start up; they had already done six start-ups. Therefore, they were very skilled and the involvement of other start ups made the team even more stiffer. 

14. They are also good and management and executions:

Not only the skill is sufficient when anything of such big reach is created or planned, proper management is required so that nothing goes out of the box and the process works smoothly. Similarly, proper execution techniques must be known so that it is easy to implement the skills according to the requirement. There is a balance of these two which needs to be maintained and their team were perfectly good at maintain it.

15. They are not restricted to just the blockchain world:  

They are not limited to the merely the blockchain world but are also exposed to many pertinent R and D sectors. They believe in clear and wide expansion throughout the world. It is not something merely restricted to the buying or selling of the real estates but it is something which involves new methods of interaction of the two parties in the most trustable and transparent manner. They are also innovating new ideas to strengthen this bond. 

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