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15 Insights on the SeratioToken

Sep 11, 2017 Posted /  3875 Views

15 Insights on the SeratioToken

15 Insights on the SeratioToken

1. The Seratio Token

The Seratio token and the philosophy of transacting intangible value has been in development since 2011. Its early beginnings was the ability to compare and understand an organisation’s impact on their communities and environment, providing the measures to support legislation in the UK, Europe and Internationally.

2. About CCEG

The Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance (CCEG) is the world’s leading think tank on the movement of value. CCEG, which span out of a UK university in 2013, is the global leader in the Movement of Value with over 60,000 members and academic partner offices in New York and Shanghai.

CCEG will allocate the Seratio, a digital token based on Ethereum that captures both financial and non-financial value transactions simultaneously.

3. Important dates

a. On 15th September 2017 Pre-Fundraiser available (Maximum cap GBP £1million)

b.  On 15th September there is a 50% discount

c.  On 18th September there is a 40% discount

d.  On 21st September there is a 30% discount

e.  On 24th September there is a 20% discount

f.  On 27th September there is a 10% discount

g.  On 1st October 2017, the fundraiser Official will start

h.  On 31st October [ET1] 2017, the Fundraiser will end

i.  On 31st January 2018, Seratio tokens will be issued to Seratio-Wallets and Minting will be Closed

j.  On 30th April 2018,  Microshares will be issued

k.  On 31st July 2018, will be Seratio Platform launched

l. On 1st September 2018, is a planned date for other Seratio Family SDG Alt-tokens trading

4. Seratio Token

The Seratio Token is a digital token that provides standard Ethereum features including the usual asset transmission capability intrinsic in normal financial cryptocurrencies. The Seratio token allows the additional of a future functionality, that is in development: the capture, transaction, and spend of non-financial value.


The Seratio-Wallet allows the setting of the wallet holder’s Non-Financial Preferences “NFP’s” which are stored on the Seratio Platform. Use of the Seratio-Wallet enables these preferences to be enacted by a smart contract, which gives the ability to confirm or reject a transaction based on the NFP’s.


CCEG have devised a non-financial token, the Microshare, which represents the transaction of a non-attribute value gained through volunteering, social credits, being a care giver, buying products with positive provenance, shopping in the ‘good’ retailer, etc. Microshares can be transacted through the Seratio Platform but do not have to be featured in any Seratio token transaction as a rule, simply optional; equally a Seratio token could only transact Microshare on some occasion, with no financial value.

7. SERATIO SDG Family Brand

CCEG believe that all transactions will one day recognise both  the financial and non-financial aspects of value and want to build a world where there are branded Seratio tokens for all kinds of strong vibrant communities that transact including women, particular religious faiths, city inhabitants, corporate CSR,product provenance, etc.

8. The token allocation

The Seratio is compliant with ERC20 Token Standard. Seratio Tokens will be issued to Seratio-Wallets on 31st January 2018.

The tokens will be allocated in the following ways: "GBP is the abbreviation of British pound sterling"

a. GBP £1,000,000[ET2]  will be allocated to Pre-Fundraiser maximum (minimum GBP £ 5,000)

b. GBP £4,000,000 will be allocated to Remainder of Fundraiser (minimum GBP £1,000)

c. GBP £5,000,000 [ET3]  will be allocated to CCEG stakeholders (held until 31st August 2018)

d. GBP £10,000,000 will be held by CCEG until 1st January 2030 released proportionally over 12 years

9. Use of funds

The funds will be used in the development of the infrastructure together. The funds will be used as in following steps:

a. TOKEN ISSUE BLOCKCHAIN DLT WITH MICROSHARE AND ASSET VALUE - £500k. The token issue is stage one in the business plan.

b. SAPI METRICS - £1.6m. The development of the Seratio Enterprise Level Platform to be fully automated with Microshares is the stage two phase.

c.  PROVENANCE- £1m, stage three is the gathering of all data on people organisations, projects process and products to allow both the recording on the DLT as well as the filtration of Meta Data to aid transaction decisioning.

d. APPS: £1m+, stage four, development of the consumer and commercial facing applications that derive value from use of the tokens in wholesale and retails settings.

e. MARKETING AND CONTINGENCY £900K Promotion will be to the personal, corporate and public/government sectors.

10. Cryptocurrencies accepted:

Funds will be accepted from the following cryptocurrencies as well as fiat money. In digital tokens will be accepted from:

a. Bitcoin

b. Ethereum

c. Ethereum Classic

d. Litecoin

11. Future Growth

The ability to make transactions based on capturing intangible non-financial value represented by Microshares opens up very significant follow on markets including 9 significant commissions already signed, several high profile SDG projects, and a further 35 projects currently under development at the CCEG Blockchain UN Lab.

12. Expansion of New Markets

 Expansion of Seratio usage will be through further SDG branded family token over next 12 years being minted based on the Seratio platform including initially 2018 scheduled Women’s Coin, City Coin, Islamic Coin, Leadership Coin, EduCoins, etc with pilots presently underway in the areas of Provenance, Care, Retail, Faith, Education etc.

13.  Maximum amount of funds to be raised

Deliberately, no cap has been set on the amount of contributions that will be accepted by the fundraise. Primarily this has been done in order to ensure that participation can be widespread to maximise adoption and allow time to introduce the concept to first time participants. Funds in excess of GBP £5million will be allocated to other Seratio branded coins.

14. SE Score

The Use of Microshares and SE score is entirely optional for both parties to a transaction. A transaction may be may contingent upon achieving a determined score. That is an option available to either party which would ensure value alignment. The Seratio token can trade without the use of the Microshare component.

15. Their goal

Their ultimate goal, the ability to record and transact with their values has, at last, become a reality with blockchain capability.

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