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15 Insights on VOTES ICO

Aug 24, 2017 Posted /  4727 Views

15 Insights on VOTES ICO

15 Insights on VOTES ICO

There is a need for open and honest expression of the will of citizens has always been in the world. The votings at shareholders meetings were faked to guarantee the election of certain people to the board. Political parties forged election results for their candidates to hold public offices. The main problem is in storage of information and centralized recording about the votes. This problem can be solved by the blockchain technology because of the decentralized infrastructure. VOTES platform which is creating to minimize the preparation for taking votes.

Let us have few insights over VOTES ICO:

1. What is VOTES?

VOTES is an international platform for taking votes of any level. This platform uses the smart contracts as well as the blockchain technologies which provides transparency and honesty of polls, testings, votings, elections and other activities based on the platform.

2. Benefits of VOTES

A working prototype which is  Russia’s largest online voting service. It has a base of 50000 customers, it has large market capacity, and has a clear investment strategy. They have some attractive conditions on pre-ICO and ICO.

3. Their mission

It is apparent that the next stage of the development of voting models in the world will be the appearing of a universal platform making it possible to provide for any stages of votings quickly with the use of the Blockchain technology. 

4. Current scenario of the project

VOTES is based on the project. More than 10 mln people have become the users of the service during the whole time of its existence. Among the  clients there are such major companies as Megafon, Gazprombank, Medsi, Adidas, Group and thousands of other companies.

5. Scope 

It can be used for Public opinion polls, Votings of companies shareholders, Testing and questionnaire surveying of employees, Exams at educational institutions, Sociological surveys, Holding of elections

6. The platform structure

The VOTES platform is being created based on a local invention of Simpoll. This will allow for using the best practices of the classical model and for adding the contemporary Blockchain technologies and smart contracts to it. The main blocks of the VOTES platform are Respondent Profile, Decentralized Data Storage, User's backend, Analytics and Statistics. 

7. Issuing of tokens

Within the ICO, the platform will issue 100 million of VOTES tokens. Ten million tokens will be reserved for the purpose of payments to miners and assessors. Ten million tokens will be reserved for paying remunerations to the team and partners. The VOTES tokens secured with the possibility of taking polls, votes, testings, and elections on the base of the platform. 

8. ICO rounds

Pre-ICO will be from 1st August to 1st September, the ICO round 1 will be in October 2017, and round 2 will be in November 2017.

9. ICO Round 1

The funds collected within the scope of Pre-ICO will be directed to the organization of the process and marketing of the next ICO stages. ICO Round One is the initial stage of sales after that main round will be there for those who wished to take part in the Pre-ICO but failed to do so. $500,000 of the funds collected within the scope of ICO Round 1 will be directed to the marketing and organization of Round 2. The remaining funds will be added to the funds of Round 2.

10. The fund distribution  

20% will be reserved for development, 2% will be reserved for the bounty program, 8% will be reserved for the remuneration for the team and partners, 60% will be reserved for marketing, development and the last 10% will be reserved for the stabilization fund for paying the legal expenses, administrative expenses, and marketing.  

11. Some planning from the funds received

From 2-5 million dollars they plan to launch of the platform for voting and its introduction to the market, from 5 million dollars they plan to launch of the platform for voting, platform for tests and exams, and their introduction to the market, from 7 million dollars they plan to launch of the platform for voting,

platform for tests and exams, platform for state-level elections and with 9 million dollars, they plan the trial deployment of all the platforms minimum in 1 corporation, 1 educational institution, 1 country for state-level elections. 

12. Bounty

The scope of the bounty program plans for the distribution of the tokens will be distributed like 150,000 tokens will be transferred to the translators and 200,000 tokens will be paid for support of the campaign on bitcointalk, 150,000 tokens will be paid for support of the campaign on Facebook, 200,000 VOTE tokens will be paid for support of the campaign for Twitter. 300,000 tokens will be paid for support of the campaign on Slack or Telegram. The 1,000,000  tokens will be accounted for support of the advertising campaigns within the scope of other projects.

13. 100 million tokens

For the purpose of organization of votes and taking polls,within the framework of ICO and pre-ICO, the platform is going to issue 100 million tokens. They will be protected with the probability of taking votes on the base of the platform. Monetization of the VOTES ICO platform will be performed by the service's commission fee for recruitment of respondents or taking polls.

14. Clients

This ICO has some major clients like there are large companies as Bosch, Samsung, Adidas and tens of thousands of other companies. 

15. Lets welcome honest voting

The VOTES ICO has aimed that it will probably become a platform for allowing for the organization of transparent, honest votings whether it is for school exams or presidential elections. This ICO has certainly aimed to take the world community to a new level of democracy.

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