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15 of the Best Tools available for the iOS Developers

Feb 19, 2017 Posted /  2221 Views

15 of the Best Tools available for the iOS Developers

There are lots of iOS developers in the world. We all know that iOS is the second most popular app development platform behind android. But still many people prefer developing an app for the iOS platform compared to the android platform as the revenue generation is more in the case of the iOS apps. Also if you are developing an app for the American or the European market then, probably iOS is the better choice than android. So, let’s look at the top 15 tools available for the iOS developers to make their life easy.

1. Appsight

Appsight lets the user search and use the third-party code used by the popular apps in the app store. As an app developer, you can pick any top app from the app store and can view how that app has been created.

2. Avocode

Avocode is an application that allows any user to work with the Photoshop files ex-files with the extension .psd and .sketch. It allows you to convert these files into code. Avocode supports Swift and Android. There are a large number of app developers who use this app to convert their .psd file into code.

3. Icon state

Icon slate lets any user to easily compose, import and export icon in many formats for both the mobile and the desktop format. This application support large file extension including .icns, .png, .ico etc. As an app developer, you can easily use this to create your own custom icon.

4. Fabric

This application provides a platform that helps you to build better apps, understand your users, and grow your business. It supports many platforms like iOS, Android, Unity etc. It gives complete real-time information about the performance and health of your app at every stage. It deals with all the crucial information likes user activity, the stability of the app and much more.

5. App Wage

Appwage allows any iOS developer to quickly track and analyse the sales and download of your app. This is the important information for app developers as then only he or she can know whether his or her app is successful or not. The app developers can generate their report of sales with the help of this app by simple drag and drop method.

6. Apple watch UI kit

There are many app developers who develop an app for the apple watch. This app helps those app developers to make their UI look more attractive. This app contains few of the best UI templates for the app, which you can use in your application.

7. Eject

This is a command line tool. It converts the interface builder file into swift layout code. This app looks through xib files and generates code on the basis of the views and the layout that it finds.

8. The perfect Assistant

The perfect assistant is an application for the server side Swift framework. This app contains many tools to help the server side swift developers to start, manage, and prepare for deployment more easily.

9. Navicat

This is a database management tool. App developers can use this tool to manage their database. It offers all the functions like editing tables, data entry and much more. This app can really help any developer manage their database on the iOS platform easily.

10. Bugsee

This is probably one of the most important apps for all the iOS developers. This app helps in finding out the bugs and reporting crash report of the app. It allows any user to report any bugs directly from the app. This app can help any app developer to remove the bugs in their app quickly.

11. Boombox

This app allows the app developers to quickly set up a form that makes it simple for the other user to signup up as the beta testers.

12. MacDown

This is probably one of the best apps in the list. MacDown is an open source editor for MAC OS. This editor was released under the MIT licence. The UI of this app is fantastic and it also includes syntax highlighting which increases the code readability.

13. Swiftify

If any app developer wants to convert his iOS app into apple’s new Swift language then he can do this with the help of Swiftify. This app helps the app developer to convert the iOS app into Swift language in just one click.

14. Spine

If any app developer wants to create a 2D animation game for the iOS platform he can do so with the help of this app. The spine is completely dedicated to 2D skeletal animation. The app developers can create amazing animation which can be integrated into their app.

15. Xcode

This is one the best IDE for developing an app for the iOS platform. It includes everything that one can need as an app developer to develop an app for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple watch. It gives any user a new coding experience. It also notifies the app developer of any small hidden bugs in the app by pointing out the memory leaks.

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