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15 reasons Ethereum can surpass Bitcoin in next few years

Jul 27, 2017 Posted /  1988 Views

15 reasons Ethereum can surpass Bitcoin in next few years

15 reasons Ethereum can surpass Bitcoin in next few years

 A Smart Contract platform running with a crypto currency named Ether is called Ethereum. Unstoppable programs that are tamper-proof: “Smart Contract” is a great feature of Ethereum. With the releaseof “homested” the Beta version of the platform in March 2016 Ether became a second crypto currency in market currency.

The leading cryptocurrency and the first example of a distributed consensus ledger technology are known as Bitcoin. For bitcoin 2016 is called as a strong year. Its market rose to 12MM USD after two year of stagnation in November , mastering such event of uncertainty as the miner’s reward having in June 2016 and despite ongoing division of the community over the block size parameter.

1. This problem will be making 2017 again a time of uncertainty. From the main chain a block chain fork could remove substantial marketcap. Segwit could lead to a new boom for bitcoin if the debate is solved in consensus, though, new technologies like the lighting network.

2. Ethereum can surpass Bitcoin in next few years-  Ethereum , the world’s  second most currency, has been surging, prompting many to wonder if some big announcement was imminent in these days.

3. It is said that in the beginning if most corporation adopt Etherium as the distributed ledger standard, Blockchain technology could save the 10 largest banks ranging from $8 billion to $12 billion a year cost in that area. This report is released by Accenture. As the distributed ledger standard most corporations have adopted Ethereum.

4. Ethereum will become another digital token in town that’s winning over the hearts and wallets of cryptocurrency enthusiasts across the globe.

5. A serious scalability issue with no solution on horizon is going to attack Bitcoin in future. Etherium constantly host an increasing number of projects on the blockchain and at the same time it gain greater acceptance also. It seems to after one year the market cap of Ethereum will be the greater than that of Bitcoin.

6. Ethereum will be accelerated if speculators panic flipping because may be 1 percent of usage is real usage. The aim of Ethereum is not to be currency but it seems that speculators care about that.

7. Bank of R3 group were upset that they did not get any early distribution of Bitcoin due to scamcoin of Ethereum so they just bought the Etereum premine and tried to pump and dump it while hosting it into morons at elevated piece, just like every premine coin it been a scan day one before it.

8. There are numerous blockchain platforms available in the market as new ones appear monthly. We can say Ethereum is not nearly as unique.

9. Civil war of BTC continues, for some reason BU forcefully take over.It in two: This war will crash the price a lot if it doesn’t split. It is all depend about crashes. Bitcoin will be replaced if it crashes by moving the value into other projects. If people stop buying bitcoin at any price, then it will be very much possible that the whole cryptocurrency scene will crash.

10. Etheremum is known to be an honest coin and market cap is a useless number that can easily be manipulated.

11. Vitalic is going to fork Ethereum another time in the near future and change the availability supply from current 90 million to 400 million and easily surpass Bitcoin’s marketcap.

12. The Ethereum technology showed its strong position in fortune 500 companies as well as a big ecosystem of startups batting on the platform with the Devcon2 conference.

13. An alliance of some of the world’s most advanced financial and tec. Companies including Microsoft, Intel and more than two dozen other companies teamed up to develop standards and technology to make it easier for enterprises to use blockchain code Ethereum.

14. It is latest push by last firms to move toward the holy grail of a post in which every transaction is duly tracked: a distributed ledger system.

15. The value shrank to 800,000 USD when it reached 1,676,000 USD after a series of hacks and attacks, market can be peaked up on June 16th. With the move from proof of work, 2017 will be uncertain to proof of Stake Consensus expected mid-year. Therefore, it is forecasted that it may overtake the bitcoins but the chances are not exactly in favor of the Ethereum because the bitcoin is already in the market and completely on the verge of flourishment.

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