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15 Ways to think about your next big App Idea

Feb 15, 2017 Posted /  4432 Views

15 Ways to think about your next big App Idea

Currently there are more than 2 billion smartphone users in the world today. The number of users is increasing day by day. People love smartphones because of convenience and functionality. These small gadgets have simplified our lives through the application of them. Mobile applications simplify the tasks of each day. Applications are also making too many rich people. Many novice appeared worldwide, developing thousands of mobile applications. How to come up with ideas of these applications, and you can do that too?

1. Forget the money first ... for now

To create a new mobile application, the first thing you need to know is that the application does not necessarily business or startup idea. There are many applications only developed to solve a problem or just providing entertainment. Your application idea may not be geared to income. Focus on creating great applications first. Do not think about money when they start. What you need to do is come up with an idea that will attract many users. Even if you want startup, you need a proof of concept than investors can back you.

2. Adjusting existing applications

When looking for inspiration for existing applications or cloning is great and one of the easiest ways to come up with the idea to application. You can look at the popular applications and emulate their approach. Even the big boys do it. Just look at how Facebook and Twitter to find inspiration from each other. Many social media applications are also likely to be inspired by the success of Facebook. Do not be afraid of the sight of crowded spaces, therefore. Crowded area means that it is a good idea there. In any case, even develop a new idea, and it turns out to be a hit, eventually you will get competition. The only way you can avoid the competition is that it is a terrible idea. You do not want that, right? You can also look at the app store and find two or more applications that can combine exciting, different applications.

3. Brainstorm

Many mobile applications are the product of brainstorming ideas with colleagues, family or friends. Get a group of family or friends and let them know that you want to develop and ask for their ideas. You may find that some of them were thinking the same thing, and you can even partner. let them know you intend to use your thoughts to develop an application, save you from possible legal proceedings should be successful.

4. to find the problems and shortcomings

There are many applications out there that are designed to solve the problems that people face every day. These problems can be from any field of communication lifestyle. Try to find such problems and their solutions with applications. Maybe you are looking for an application online, and you could not find. Make one.Your friends can help identify these problems and drawbacks too. Conducting research online, especially in trade with the gaming system Android and Apple's App Store will help to identify any gaps. You can also look into existing applications, find those that are dysfunctional and develop better versions of them.

5. Search for ideas for social media

Social media is a great way to get an idea of the application. Many people on social media to vent their frustrations or share your thoughts. You can find out a lot of problems, or ideas that require application. Use tools such as TweetDeck, HootSuite or social recognition lets you find out what people need. Use keywords like "I wish ..." to collect information on these instruments.

6. Imagine the future

What's the next big thing? Think about the future and working backward to build. Great apps and startups are innovative. They bring us the future as it is today. Facebook gave us the future of communications while WhatsApp gave us the future of texting. Instead of waiting for others to blaze the track and then play catch up, think about the future and be a leader in this space.

7. Improve Smartphone

Applications should enhance the user experience of smartphones. Explore smartphone features and figure out a way to improve its performance. You can either identify ways to improve existing features (such as using a calculator or popular TrueCaller) or add missing something (like torch applications). Think about how you can also turn your smartphone to another device, such as some applications transform a phone into a flashlight, or a scanner.

8. Keep a journal and meditate

Meditation and keeping a journal may seem like a crazy advice for someone looking to get a mobile app idea, but it helps. Meditation helps clear the mind, which is important when trying to come up with a great idea, a great idea. Magazine, on the other hand, helps you record your thoughts and experiences. You've probably got the idea before, and you could not remember the details days later. It might have been million dollar idea. Keep a record of their ideas on tap.

9. Research

Everything will eventually be reduced to research. There is no escape from research in finding applications ideas. The research will not only help you get a new application ideas, but also help you to explore the market for mobile applications. Once you have a solid idea of an application for registration as a developer and then the programmer code. Do not forget to sign a confidentiality agreement with the programmer before sharing their thoughts. If you are looking to make money using application language to create applications for iOS. There are more than 2 million mobile applications for Android and Apple App stores today. Many other applications are not on these platforms. Many people come with the idea of the application, and there's no reason why you can not do the same. Just remember that mobile applications are not just about money. The point is, that provides a solution to this problem. Sometimes it's also just about fun and entertainment. Do it and you can further develop Uber or angry birds.

10. Take a closer look at each other

Nobody knows the company better than you, well, at least it should be. When the company first start out, it is significantly different from the same company 1, 3 or five years later. Employees come and go, the strategy of radical change to remain relevant past failures has spawned new opportunities and success inspired action. The company can now be anywhere in the area, who they are when they first started. The first step towards the creation of new ideas is to first examine who the company has grown to be. For many companies, it is usually time to start looking at their strengths and weaknesses. We invite you to look a little further to find out details about what makes your company unique. Examine the physical appearance of your company's "brain" otherwise known as the people who work for the company, characteristics of your company, and ultimately your pain points. Is your company's physical appearance of traditional brick and mortar businesses a virtual something in between? Even more importantly, how important the physical appearance of your company in relation to how you do business? Brick and mortar businesses have the privilege of interacting face to face with customers. They get to go to one and create a friendly conversation and answer all their questions. Building a personal relationship feels a little more natural, because the individual is present and you will be able to pick up on the cues you would have never known online. As is their preference, fashion and lifestyle.

11. Take a closer look at your customers

An important step in the process of generating idea is that an intimate relationship with those you serve. Like their donor, you want to be in conformity with their every need, want, and complaints. You can learn a lot about your customers by tracking their (focusing on behavior) and listen to them. See how your customers interact with your product and company. Pay careful attention to the place where they spend their time. Map out the path to follow in using the product and by exploring their website. Your customers value their time and if they decide to give it to you, you're probably provide some type of value. After you find out where your customers spend their time and how to navigate content, they start talking with them. You do everything you can have conversations with them, so you can know exactly how they feel about your product and business. Send them to interviewers try to schedule calls, and create mechanisms within their websites and applications to always allow, so you know exactly what they watch alongside their customers to send suggestions. Another way to go about this is to start the database with each of your customers have their own set. If you are not in the habit of writing to keep customer queries and complaints, start now by - it helps you easily find out what the most common pain points are and find ways to solve them.

12. Take a closer look at your business plan

Your business plan is your business plan. Worth a foundation on which you build every complex piece that ultimately makes up your business. As part of its plan to focus on revising its initial short-term and long-term goals, strategies, future growth, and mission statement / vision. Working through these in conjunction with some of the points raised above to identify targets that could be achieved, or in the form of projects, through the use of applications. As you look over the past goals, you'll have noticed that you have a modern solution for many of their past problems. Use your current knowledge of the world to find new solutions to achieve their short and long term plans. Find ways to incorporate many of these solutions with the creation of mobile applications. What types of features, design and support your new application would need to help you achieve your organizational goals?

13. Take a closer look at your marketing

Marketing is the only function within a business that will continue to support growth and create new sources of revenue. Everything from their sales team, promotional advertising, profitable models and partnerships are affected by decisions in their marketing department. Generating ideas requires careful view of the current marketing processes and examining whether there are sections that can be transformed into an application or if the application needs to have certain sections with filling in any holes or complete customer experience. Marketing is always one of the most demanding business processes; there are a myriad of variables to consider and very few constants. Which is why it is also an ideal procedure for application development around. Look where you will spend the largest amount of your marketing budget, and examine how it could be reduced by shifting some operations to the application. These may include:

• Seasonal catalogs. Promote digital catalog in a printed catalog, but also reduce the number of copies to print.

• Loyalty programs / cards. Gradually moves loyalty program application can virtually eliminate the need for any printed marketing material related to the program.

14. Take a closer look at your Industry

The industry we are constantly evolving to meet the needs and wants of your target market. These strategies, which are currently used will not be as effective in a few months or even a year. Generating ideas are continuous as is the effort to stay up to date with trends. Your ideas should reflect the current beliefs and expectations of your target market. At present, discover the latest trends is as simple as opening a browser and reading from dozens of analytical tools, blogs and expert predictions. Information is abundant, the only limit is our willingness to implement the strategy can be found. There is such an overload of information that the choice of which strategy to choose or trend can be overwhelming and even debilitating. After all, not every trend or strategy will pay directly to your target market. While some choose to take a blind guess and just change a great chance of success. We found several tools that can help in creating a close and calculated decision.

15. Take a closer look at competition

No doubt, your competitors are doing everything they can to outshine you. That, as it turns out, is a beautiful thing. Your competition will do everything possible to stay abreast of the latest trends, discover new methods to excel and innovate, and try to copy any of your ideas. So why is it such a big thing? Firstly, your competitors all have a team of talented individuals who are doing everything they can to succeed. Once they implement their strategy, you will be able to improve and add your own twist on it. This is what is known as a reactive approach to growth. Wait for your competitors to act and then morph their idea and be your own. If you are doing this kind of strategy will, for the most part, always be able to catch up to its competitors replicating their work.

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