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6 Ongoing ICOs to invest

Aug 22, 2017 Posted /  7757 Views

6 Ongoing ICOs to invest

6 Ongoing ICOs to invest

There are many ICOs going on, on various platforms offering their services to their users. These ICOs will help to solve major problems in various areas with the blockchain technology and making a decentralized platform for people, where there are no middle men people, which will give them, a safe, secure,  

decentralized, encrypted platform. Such platforms are emerging swiftly, each one having their unique aim in various fields. Let us know about the Top 6 ongoing  ICOs and find out your area of interest to invest in their projects:

1. Token Swap

COSS.IO aims is to bring changes in the market so that the wide range of customers  like from the non-technical ones, can have benefits of the cryptocurrency  and the blockchain industries have to offer. 

The target can be achieved by COSS, via its huge range of the line products and services implemented on one easy, secure and accessible platform. The COSS  platform has been cited as the One Stop Crypto Solution, which will serve as an unanimous platform for the users to have solutions related to every of their crypto problems. 

It consist services like Payment gateway, Market cap rankings,  a marketplace,  an e-wallet,  a mobile platform, merchant list and various coin facilities. It is a 100% self-funded project that did not rely on any external investments prior to and upon its launch. 

The COSS token is a cryptocurrency which is a revenue generating, that allows owners to accept revenues in the form of transaction fees charged by the COSS system for all the cryptocurrency transactions. The revenues which are generated,which  are transferred to the COSS token holders' wallets on a weekly basis. 

The interest is thus,  generated by the transaction fee when the transactions in Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies which are supported by COSS are carried  out on the exchange or via the POS or the Payment Gateway.

The ICO will be ending on 6th September.

2. Obsidian Platform ICO 

Every single person around the globe has a right over their privacy, it is well stated everywhere but attacks on privacy in many aspects can be seen frequently.

The Obsidian platform aims to take the power of existing secure messaging services, basically by changing the planning , from a network which is server centric, to a decentralized network that will be owned and run by its users, which will funded with the Obsidian coin. Since millions of messages are exchanged via the various social media platforms and other messaging apps.

It is their vision to make each of the messages more private than they currently are, with our Obsidian Secure Messenger(OSM) line of mobile applications.

Till now Obsidian has sold more than 11,230,700 ODN coins.

The ICO ends on 26th August.

3. Paragon Coin

Paragon aims to revolutionize the cannabis industry, since there are many myths surrounding the Cannabis plant, but there good effects of the plant on many diseases as well. The Cannabis industry is quite a segregated one. Paragon aims to connect these segregated pieces via the Blockchain technology and the Smart Contracts.

The Paragon Coin is based on the ERC20 platform, which will enable to provide all the features like to legalize Cannabis. At their Offline Platform they will develop a chain of high end Paragon Coin centres which will be well equipped. in the locations where Cannabis is legal. 

There will be no restrictions over the minimum and maximum purchase size, and will accept many types of cryptocurrencies.

The ICO will end on 15th October.


4. Social (SCL) ICO 

We all use some or other App for messaging, socializing, sharing etc. The data from these App is taken and accessed by other platforms, in some or other way.  

The Nexus platform aims to make this centralized network decentralized, thus by making use of the blockchain technology. So that the user have the right over their information and not shared to another platform.

Nexus will be the platform for all the social media lovers to have a safe, secure, decentralized, highly encrypted, which will help to put a stop to the invasion of the privacy. Their cryptocurrency is Social, and this platform has sold around 7,167,260 SCl coins till now. 

The ICO will end on 17th September.

5. Substratum ICO

Substratum is envisioning the Decentralized web, which will services like communication, currency, publishing, social networking, search, etc are provided not by any centralized services which are owned by single organisations, but by technologies which are empowered by the people which is their own community, and they are their users. this idea of the decentralized web will allow to provide the responsibilities to every user, which can be shared. The Substratum ICO aims to provide and work on the main features like privacy, security and data portability to the users, which are required to run the decentralized  Web. The Substratum Nodes will be running on their own blockchain and will be an open source platform which is ERC20 token based. The total number of ETH raised till now are around 8,170 and the Bitcoins raised are around 77.26, and around $2.96 million.

The ICO will end on 15th September.

6. Umbrella Coin ICO

Umbrella coin is the insurance based platform, which aims to provide its users all the benefits while they go through, when they claim the insurance applied.

There is much toxicity in the insurance market where the many companies just invest in other things after raising funds from their customers in the name of insurance policies, but it goes in vain they dont receive the benfits when they go to claim it. This platform will serve as a on stop shop for all the queries and investment related benefits via their decentralized platform, that to in any feild like car insurance, medical bills, property related etc. 

The total number of UMC sold till now is around 1062746.  

The sale ends on 20th October.

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