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70% Or More Than That Ethereum DApps are Games!

Apr 01, 2018 Posted /  1861 Views

70% Or More Than That Ethereum DApps are Games!

A study done by DApp shows that the games on Ethereum networks have continued to set the standard on the DApp ecosystem. The study highlights that in the last 2 months have been generated in this network a total of 250 Dapps, of which more than 70% are focused on the games and entertainment sector.

Games like cryptokitties, ethermons and etherbots are few of those games which work on Ethereum platform, 184 new applications running on the platform and have collectible tokens.

Cryptokitty leads the network game with a huge transaction volume of 64.3 Ethers followed by Ethercraft with 176 ethers in its contract, Ethermons with 140.72 ethers, FishBank with 0.09 ethers and Etherbots with 1,122 ethers.

These changes have been observed not just by DApp, but also by the processing space of Ethereum network.

Even though the gaming industry has the highest number of users, it still does not enjoy a very huge presence in the virtual world, or the highest volume of transactions by Ethereum. Entertainment Dapps have a total of 2,472 daily users, or 26.69% of Dapps users; and 2,277 transactions, which represent 2.82% of the transactions of these Dapps tools. In relation to this, the “other” category enjoys the highest volume and presence in the DApp and Ethereum network both.

With 6,566 users daily, in total as many as 70.8% people use the DApp. t is also estimated that these applications have a daily transaction volume of 69,003 ethers, numbers that represent a total of 88.54% of the Dapps transactions.

Lastly, there is the category of decentralized exchanges which works on networks suitable for selling tokens with greater exposure. These Ethereum tools have a public constant of 114 people per day and a moderate transaction flow of 9.89 transactions per day, numbers that are equivalent to a tiny 0.01% of the total Dapps transaction volume.

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