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A Crypto-Friendly Café In Singapore

Feb 03, 2018 Posted /  3346 Views

A  Crypto-Friendly Café In Singapore

Ducatus café is situated in between the hustle bustle area of Financial metropolis promoting the cashless transaction or we should say cash banished transactions. Yes, you are on right track. The café has replaced the countertop with glowing touchscreens for payment purpose. The café is operating with the anthem to leave cash at home and readily accepting  Debit card, Credit card and Cryptocurrencies too.

Reportedly in an interview with the star the CEO of Ducatus Global, Ronny Tome said that Singapore is with a high level of digital literacy and well-structured banking system is meant to step forward financial revolution of going cashless out of their homes. Thus, café is also saving time and cost consumption involved in collecting, counting and depositing of cash.

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Following the cryptocurrency structure, the café has introduced Ducatus Coins as well and offered 7.8 million of pre-mined Ducatus coins to its frequent customers. By accepting the cryptocurrency as a form of payment in regular use Rome aimed to break the cycle of hoarding of Bitcoins to enjoy the benefits of appreciating value. He further mentioned that Hoarding of Bitcoins was not what makers of it aimed for.

The process of payment through virtual currency is quite simple. The veteran customers just need to download Ducatus wallet app on their mobile phones and add Ducatus coins in their wallet for the payment purpose. The current value of Ducatus coins is S$0.13 per coin.

They have even introduced a bitcoin dispensing ATM. Customers who find their balance running low can credit coins through this machine.

Rome is of the view that a currency can’t  survive if it doesn’t have a motive to do so. By introducing this angle of usage of cryptocurrency Ducatus Global has facilitated the Virtual currency.

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