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Add apps to increase your visibility

Apr 28, 2017 Posted /  5730 Views

Add apps to increase your visibility

An integral part of a complete profile is the display of your previous work. Displaying the apps that you have previously developed aids clients in making up their outlines your strengths in the field and makes your focus streamlined.Additionally a good portfolio on applancer improves rankings on our website and makes your profile visible to maximum number of clients. In case of any confusions please refer to the few steps outlined below.

-- Once your profile has been created, on the left hand side of your page is a list of profile updates that are necessary for a complete profile.

-- Find the option saying Your Apps and visit that page.

-- Click on Add New App and a page will come up asking for specific requirements about the app that you have created.

-- Every requirement is paramount to the complete description of your app, for example the logo, release date, platforms, description, and screenshots help a client to understand the app you have created.

-- Click on save once you have completed and your app will be added to your profile.

-- Noticeably your ranking will be enhanced with every app that you add on your profile.

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