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Add Clients to your Profile to improve your ranking

Apr 27, 2017 Posted /  5707 Views

Add Clients to your Profile to improve your ranking

Once you have registered as a developer on our platform and completed your profile, inevitably you will have clients contact you with projects. It is paramount that every client is properly researched and interviewed before you associate yourself with them. Follow the underlying process, add your preferred client and get them interviewed by our expert team.

-- Once your profile has been created and you are logged in, at the very top will be a tab saying clients, clicking on that will take you to a page allowing you to add clients.

-- On the right hand side of this page will be an option to add new clients, clicking on that will take you to a page asking you to proceed with a skype interview or an email interview.

-- In either case you will have to share the client details and project description.

-- A skype interview/ Telephonic call takes 10 minutes and in case of an email interview we email them and review the project with them.

-- Our recommendation would be to opt for a skype interview as it holds more weight for your ranking on The same is mentioned at the bottom of the page which asks for the choice of interview.

-- Once the interview process is complete your client is added to your profile.

-- Every client on your profile increases your ranking on and enhances chances for future clients.

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