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All App development companies are now blockchain development companies!

Mar 23, 2018 Posted /  1746 Views

All App development companies are now blockchain development companies!

Blockchain is saviour today and the technology for tomorrow

We are well-aware with the name Blockchain by now, which is frequently observed as the foundation of all cryptocurrencies including the prominent bitcoin. While Bitcoin's market has been quite volatile in the past few months, the attention in the market for blockchain-related technology has rushed considerably where the App development companies are investing in the technology. On the other hand, this recorded set of the digitalized ledger technology has not restricted its functionality for carrying out the financial transactions; however, the ground-breaking technology is also boosting the mobile app development industry. In the present day cyber-attacks have turned out to be more at risk and in such a state of affairs, the mobile application security is posing a big challenge for the app developers. The Smartphone and apps include confidential as well as private data, which constantly remains the leading objective of the cyber attackers.
The confidential data may consist of bank details in addition to other essential documents or files. The hitch is that we cannot depend on anti-virus as well as additional software widely to save the very important data moreover that is when the task of Blockchain becomes more than crucial. The blockchain is not only a technology of security but a reliable technology of varying functionalities. This technology has made many heads of the tech-giants turn in deference. For example, Google is apparently working on its blockchain-related technology that will sustain the Silicon Valley giant’s cloud business. The change from a customary peer-to-peer based method to the blockchain model will be of assistance for Google to keep away the antagonism from up-and-coming startups.
Why are the App development companies taking the Blockchain route?
There are innumerable mobile apps which are based on bitcoin technology otherwise encompass analogous functionality. The Blockchain without a doubt has been a good savior for the business partners, the clients, as well as the capital because it serves as a shelter from several types of ambiguity.
To be honest there are ample of reason to look forward to blockchain especially for App development:

  1. No mediators required: The Blockchain technology does not need the support of the third party to carry out the transactions.
  2. The power of peer-to-peer: One of the very important features of the Blockchain is that it is based on peer-to-peer payment style rather than the server-based architecture.
  3. So handy: The Blockchain technology is relatively helpful for the app developers as it helps in developing innovative business procedures furthermore you can create the application additionally safe and sound from the customer standpoint.
  4. Robust security: You can put in the component of privacy into the app plus build up the highly developed peer-to-peer payment platforms with the assistance of distributed character of the Blockchain.

Blockchain-blockchain everywhere!

A lot of banks now have established their in-house research that is trying to discover the potential of this technology. People are searching for Blockchain Application Development, Ethereum Dapp Development, etc.
Scores of experts consider that the application of blockchain, merged with IoT would give a new definition to supply chain management. An added use case is social data. If you don’t have to use Gmail, facebook, Instagram to exchange information and data with your friends, what would happen? The blockchain is presently being used to facilitate peer to peer exchange of data, as well as quite a lot of blockchain application,  is already live.
Similarly, the strategy can be simulated in e-commerce Apps. It could let us buy directly from the seller devoid of having to utilize platforms. This can turn out to be an avant-garde concept! Loads of research is vigorously happening at the present time, moreover, the future looks very vivid for blockchain. Moving to blockchain technology will eradicate the threat when the data is placed centrally by a particular company. On the other hand, building a mass set-up of digital ledger governed by many computers is to a difficult certain extent but it presents chances to remove potential data thievery.

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