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All Chinese crypto exchanges must close by 30 September

Sep 17, 2017 Posted /  4604 Views

All Chinese crypto exchanges must close by 30 September

All Chinese crypto exchanges must close by 30 September

China- The Cypto Hub

Chinese crypto market is going through a lot of banning and closing activities. The hub of cryptocurrencies has started to close and put an end to the cryptocurrency related exchanges and ICOs. China has the title of one of the world's largest hubs for cryptocurrency mining where huge mining pools have been created because of the small expenditure of hardware and electricity in the Asian nation and that has encouraged China to have more than 60% of the Bitcoin networks collective hashrate. Yet, that position was fiddled to some extent early in 2017, when the Chinese government began to clear out on the country's digital currency exchanges. This impelled a deferment of all removal of cryptocurrencies in the country, and the market suffered a great deal of loss as it lost a considerable portion of its trading volume at one time. It can pointed out that the government in China stimulated to modify some of its regulatory framework in turn to permit withdrawals to recommence for certain top exchanges.

Chinese crypto exchanges must close by 30 September

The decisions and announcements are coming out so fast that the clear reasons behind these decisions cannot be figured out well. For the latest part, China has announced that all the crypto exchanges must close by 30th September. Regulators have announced "All Chinese virtual currency exchanges must stop trading to remain compliant". Information is gradually appearing from China is coming into view to verify that trading will no longer be lawful for Bitcoin-to-fiat platforms. Bitcoin prices are now reacting, with 24-hour losses impending around 21% low at $3000. The Cryptocurrency CEOs have retorted to BTCChina and at present other exchanges closing with rigid preparation for the future. It is said that several industry players have spoken about it that as markets were reacting callously to Chinese regulatory moves, the enduring benefits for Bitcoin’s culture and consequently constancy were clear. CEO of Leverj Bharath Rao commented that “The price is always a solid metric of the markets’ greed and fear, and reflects regulatory uncertainty at the moment, this also signals that development of non-custodial and decentralized models will accelerate.”


Chinese investors became disreputable for their short-range trading actions, which often prejudiced Bitcoin instability in the earlier period. The newest regulatory warnings created a second mass migration to peer to peer trading platforms such as Localbitcoins this year. With authorized Bitcoin-to-fiat trading looking to discontinue in China in total, a main market power will fade away, but this may not be the situation everlastingly. Bitcoin prices dropped down around 13 percent on Thursday following the announcement. China is firming its grip on the rapidly increasing currency. Chinese media outlet On 4th September, Caixin gave a statement that regulators have banned companies from raising money through ICOs, alluding to them as an illegal fundraising tool that may engage financial scams. From that time, bitcoin has lost more than twenty percent of its value.

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