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An innovate way to conduct an Initial coin offering

Sep 10, 2017 Posted /  2537 Views

An innovate way to conduct an Initial coin offering

An innovate way to conduct an Initial coin offering

When we started to think about the Sparkle Coin ICO, we realized there were some issues we wanted to resolve. Because Sparkle Coin is a use-token or currency for the economic ecosphere we are building including the online shopping mall, currency exchange, and cryptocurrency payment gateway, it needed to have all the help in gaining greater and greater value through natural economic forces like supply and demand. This is why I (ref to Victor Wong) invented the following (patent pending) process and created the software application, online shopping cart, and payment system.

Problem 1: How to increase the price of the tokens / coins during the ICO

Most, if not all ICOs are tokens at a specific price. This is great, but it does not allow supply and demand to occur, which means the company issuing the token is leaving money on the table and the people buying the tokens don’t get the benefits of the increase in price from demand during the ICO. This method could be potentially negative for everyone involved. 

In the Sparkle Coin ICO, we have 80 blocks of coins. Each block has 50,000 coins in stock. The first block is priced at $5. Each block after that is $2 more, ending with the last block priced at $163. This allows supply and demand to take effect and people who buy in quickest, can already start profiting from the ICO even before it’s finished. Also, the company has a chance to bring more money in for the ICO. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

Problem 2: Sequential selling, meaning one person is served and then the next one. 

In a traditional ICO, there is one a single “cashier”, the computer system handling the sale has to service one buyer, then the next, then the next, which may cause a bottle neck.

In the Sparkle Coin ICO, there are 80 blocks that can be sold at the same time, meaning instead of a single cashier, we have 80 cashiers opened at the same time. It is much more efficient.

Problem 3: If someone puts tokens into the shopping cart at $5 each and does not complete the transaction, those coins should still be sold at $5. However, if by then the price is $25, how does the system know to sell the coins at $5 instead of $25, because selling them at $25 would not be fair and ethical?

In the Sparkle Coin ICO, our software is smart enough to know which tokens belong to which block, so if someone abandons lower priced coins, the system will make them available again for the original price, making things fair and honest for the buyers of Sparkle Coins.

Problem 4: If the tokens are a hot selling item, you may not be able to buy them, even if you are willing to pay a slightly higher price because you believe when they start trading, they will go up in value.

In the Sparkle Coin ICO you can use different strategies to buying our tokens. Strategy 1: Tryto purchase the lowest priced coins. However, demand may be very high, making it more difficult to purchase them. Strategy 2: Try to purchase coins at a higher price than the currently available lowest priced coins. This will allow the purchaser to have a higher probability of purchasing Sparkle Coins because there may be less people trying to purchase them.

The Best Thing: Because I (ref to Victor Wong) was able to invent this new method of conducting ICOs and developed all the software, hardware, deployment platform, and website to do it, we can now offer the same thing to any other company out there who may be interested. We can help you ICO your company in a much more innovative and potentially profitable way for everyone involved.

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