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Hello Readers! Applancer and its team are happy to announce that we are expanding our operations and starting by shifting to a more commercial domain extension. So your beloved has now moved to .com extension, and will be available at the website address

With approximately hundred million unique users, the .com domain extension has been in existence since March 15, 1985, and is apparently the most popular TLDs (top-level domains). Rest of our operations will remain the same, and so you will find all the latest information and news on Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, Initial Coin Offerings and related technology on

Dominant Blockchain & Bitcoin News Provider

Applancer features real-time news stories and latest developments in the space of Blockchain, Virtual currencies and ICOs most extensively and elaborately. Our team of dedicated freelancers provides the most consistent and informative write-ups from across the world, with a multi-dimensional aspect in their articles.

Applancer inscribes about technical upgrades, news on regulations, market analysis, predictions and all other information that may expedite the blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts in gathering the requisite erudition. Applancer is purely dedicated to rendering inclusive knowledge the Blockchain and Crypto space without any bias.

As per alexa, the Worldwide rank for is 87,109 at the time of shifting the domain name. Check here

Our visitors come for these Top 5 countries, India, United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands & Australia.

Novel Features

Applancer also bestows space to the newest of projects in the area of Blockchain and digital currencies, takes proactive steps to explore the newest developments. The website presents commentary about the burgeoning enterprises in the Blockchain conferring a spotlight to their vision and motives behind the project. You can also find the most distinguished ICO projects being listed in our ICO Calendar. Through our ICO Calendar Listings and sponsored posts, ICO token platforms effectively reach their target audience. Anyone can request to get their ICO listed on our platform.

You can find all the information about the Applancer and the services on our website and don't forget to subscribe us on our new domain address at to make more informed decisions.

Applancer is an open platform for discussion on all things like Blockchain , Cryptocurrency and Ico news updates. As such, the opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the view of Applancer .

For more details on how you can submit an opinion or any news , view our Editorial Policy or email [email protected].

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