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Bitcoin Cash 32-MB Fork activates Tomorrow- 15th of May

May 14, 2018 Posted /  2295 Views

 Bitcoin Cash 32-MB Fork activates Tomorrow- 15th of May

As per the reports it is said that on may 15 2018 there will the largest block size increase which would be up to 4x  in the bitcoin cash network. As stated by their development team has stated that they have included Satoshi opcodes where the fork will increase their data carrier size which would be up to 220 bytes until and unless they run a BCH full node.

It is said that the BCH fork on may 15 will be same as August 1 fork activations and also will be similar to that of past year November of the DAA fork. So we can say that they won't be much block height upgrade on the MTP. The hard fork initial will be on may 15 at 12:00:00 UTC,2018  but this upgrade will only come into implementation after the MTP timestamp and processing of 11 blocks will be about 1526400000. The next upgrade will be of 34mb which will be live on the BCH network.

As per the bitcoin cash clients there need to be done upgradation in the full node operators but before the fork begins . as recently seen that the ABC users have the latest version of bitcoin ABS 0.17.1 they are operating on full nodes that supports up to 32mb increase. Now bitcoin ABC is the dominating BCH client because of its latest upgradation.  Now the full node operators have updated their software as they have to participate in the network change.

These network change of may 15 should be taken into consideration as they are wallet provider and ready to accept all charges. But BCH services don't provide any fork updates as provides a valuable safe for exchange and wallets for the update.

The update of may 15th bitcoin cash will be adding new features which will be a milestone for the BCH community as the November fork was successful and worked flawlessly and this daube marked as a historic day in the bitcoin history.

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