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Bitcoin Cash Gets a Listing on the Popular Thomson Reuters Eikon Platform

Dec 20, 2017 Posted /  3919 Views

Bitcoin Cash Gets a Listing on the Popular Thomson Reuters Eikon Platform

Thomson Reuters Embraces Bitcoin Cash

Canadian mass media and information multinational company, Thomson Reuters has added bitcoin cash (BCH) to Eikon, a platform that compares favorably with the Bloomberg Terminal platform. Bitcoin cash has emerged as the third cryptocurrency listed on the platform with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) being already listed on the platform.

This move is being seen by many people has a get back at Bloomberg which recently expanded bitcoin coverage on it’s Terminal platform and added a couple of other cryptocurrencies. The new cryptocurrencies feeds added to the Bloomberg Terminal platform are, Ethereum, ripple (XRP) and Litecoin.

The Thomson Reuters Eikon platform added Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency on the platform in 2014 with data relayed by Bitstamp.

Since the hard fork that saw the successful activation of the Bitcoin Cash algorithm on the Bitcoin network, the currency has been getting a lot of attention from the cryptocurrency communities. BCH has emerged as a solution to some major issues stressing the Bitcoin network. Among them are transaction fees and the time a transaction takes to propagate from one node to another.

Recently Bitpay, the world’s largest bitcoin payment processor announced that it will start processing Bitcoin Cash payments for invoices and debit transactions.

How Popular is the Thomson Reuters Platform

The Eikon platform was launched by Thomson Reuters way back in 2010, the platform is now stands as the flagship financial information plat formation of the multinational mass media and information company Thomson Reuters. The platform at the moment is rated in the same level with the financial information components of Bloomberg professional services.

The platform now connects to more than 400 exchanges and OTC-traded markets around the world and over 70 direct exchange data feeds is delivered to the platform. The platform also offers connectivity to deep liquidity pools with more than 80 providers and a clientele base of more than 1300 financial institutions. There is also a FX market pricing with data obtained from about 2,000 contributing sources in 175 fiat currencies from different parts of the world.

What Bitcoin Users Think about the addition of BCH to the Eikon Platform

Following the news that a major Financial information platform run directly by Multinational mass media and information company Thomson Reuters lots of Bitcoin user’s reactions were streaming many platforms on the internet.

Some users believe that Bitcoin Cash is the cryptocurrency of the future as seen by it’s high market performance saying BCH is even better compared to Ethereum. Reuters will gain profits through listing a currency that is swaying the favour of numerous people in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Many other users believe that bitcoin is being taken over by individuals with globalist agenda breaking the once very vivid goal to keep the currency decentralized. These users believe that bitcoin cash is using this opportunity to soar up to become the greatest cryptocurrency.

However, some users are still confident that Bitcoin (BTC) is still the king hoping that by next year 2018 Bitcoin will become as familiar as the standard debit or credit card and cash.

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