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Bitcoin finally opens us to new opportunities

Apr 07, 2018 Posted /  1577 Views

Bitcoin finally opens us to new opportunities

Bitcoin does not enjoy ultimate acceptance and privilege still, and this probably is the reason as to why the cryptocurrency has so many ceilings to break. This has many reasons, one of which is skepticism; arising out of basic human instinct that no human ever negates and the reason why this has come to life is many like its decentralized way of working, no being a legal tender in many countries and lack of regulations. The list is endless.

However, in the case of bitcoin, the issue is more of being ignorant and playing safe than being skeptical. Here, it is about not opening up to changes.

The United States of America, the financial superpower of the world had decided for long the way things will happen in the financial markets and how will they be regulated, including the flow of all the shares and bonds. When considering cryptocurrencies for the same things have not changed. Of all the money that is moved around in New York the financial capital of the world, a significant chunk of it goes cryptocurrencies too. Even though it is painted highly volatile, unsafe and a number of other terms, what most people don’t realize that it will see the day, some day.

Banks, media houses, investment bankers and many such institutions right now will ask you to stay away from any cryptocurrency you come across, and eventually, these people will be the one who will sell you these cryptos by the name of massive profits, a high RoI and lots of money.

However the Wall Street isn’t that dumb. It won’t take the brightest minds of the Wall Street to know the worth of these cryptocurrencies and invest in them at the right moment and at the right matter how much they want to sell it now, but the low supply and high demand is simply not making it possible for the people to meet the requirements and provide the people with it.

Bitcoin is not the regular stock that we trade in. It's too much of technology for a single person to understand in a day. Formed using the blockchain platform, bitcoin is the token unregulated, decentralised and merely untraceable which holds the potential to alter the course of financial markets of the entire world. Bitcoin, however, is really a glamorous term and consists of everything like safety, privacy, security and of course an anonymous cover too. Not just bitcoin, but its entire distribution system- mining is a twisted tail. All you need is a little research, internet, computer and a miner to buy your own bitcoin. However, most people don’t know about it much. Hence, bitcoin is still a privilege.

Issue arises because the founder of Bitcoin (considered to be an alias) Satoshi Nakamoto (group or individual) is not registered with any bank or the government and manages to stay as a ghost.

Bitcoin right now is a household name, familiar to everyone, and thus it is the right time for the WallStreet to come accept it and move ahead with its ‘mining”. But again, awareness was never the problem. The major issue was about the supply which could not meet the demand, and hence, wall street could never take it up in the way it was supposed to go. Unlike other stock option, bitcoin was a limited only thing which requires a lot of simple economics and math to administer.

This probably is the reason why coinbase made so much money last year- as much as USD 1 million. But, Coinbase had something different in store when it took an early risk and as a result is in the lead by a long shot, poised to continue its exponential growth into the future.

Coinbase was able to build their stash of crypto assets like Bitcoin to power their exchange when those assets were much cheaper.

Well, these aren’t the only roles and responsibilities of Financial regulators are. It is more widespread. They not only have to control the fluctuations in the market, but they have to make sure that they do not go out of hand too. It is important to understand their role, and how they play an important part in influencing the decision making of the countries government, and how they get it done!

A lot has been heard about the securities exchange of the US, and these are the people who more or less run in it an obscure way never letting things out of hand.

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