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Bitcoin Offers Most Numbers Of International Jobs and has Most Promising International Employment Growth Rates

Nov 01, 2017 Posted /  1333 Views

Bitcoin Offers Most Numbers Of International Jobs and has Most Promising International Employment Growth Rates

Bitcoin has the Highest Employment Growth Rates

Having been invented as a virtual currency in 2009 bitcoin started gaining popularity at a slow pace continuously taking on different roles. Thousands of Businesses have emerged Basing on Bitcoin ranging from news companies to advance programming companies and many still unimaginable business lines all linked to Bitcoin. According to a job placement and crowd sourcing platform owned by the Australian based news platform CNBC, Bitcoin Related jobs has the highest growth rates. The sites that hosts more than 25 million employers and freelancer from more than 247 countries reported that their data shows that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related opportunities has had a growth rate of about 82 percent in the third quarter of the year alone. In a recent market report Freelancer highlighted that the ban on Bitcoin and ICOs in china has not affected the cryptocurrency industry much as the 82% growth rates came from the last 3 months alone when the ban had already been put in place. The report further details how Bitcoin topped the Fast 50 emerging skills on the platform.

Bitcoin Jobs Increasing

Amidst a mixed reaction from different world leaders across the globe Bitcoin has continuously maintained its growth with new entrant firms joining the sector daily. Notable world organizations has shown a reputable coverage of the currency, the IMF Chief, Christine Lagarde devoted a third of her speech to Crypto Currency and Bitcoins while addressing major financial events across the world. According to Angel list another online job placement site, cryptocurrency startup companies are becoming more successful with lots of money being invested in them. According to the data compiled by Angel List more money was invested into cryptocurrency in the first half 2017 than the entire 2016 indicating an upward trend. Angel List says that,

As Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is receiving more investment capital their needs of hiring more employees also increase. These startups has a wide range of opportunities ranging from Engineers, Business developers to copy writers” angel list adds that, “anybody can get employed through this platform

Most Lucrative Careers the Bitcoin Employment Industry Offers

The Bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry offers a wide range of employment opportunities ranging from specified experienced IT specialist to apprentice writers and marketers. The industry works as a system employing a diversified categories of people to fill a diversified list of roles. With most of the top earners being blockchain developers and cryptographers the industry offers lucrative deals to everybody. The industry offers very many work from home opportunities where the employee can work from the comfort of their home yet still gets paid like someone who goes to office everyday. For starters visiting popular sites like angellist, freelancer or upwork could be the beginning of a long career in the industry.

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