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Bitcoin the devil

Jul 29, 2017 Posted /  7008 Views

Bitcoin the devil

As everybody is quite common with the new tales that comes up in the news channels and social media every other day about the very infamous BITCOIN.

 One such most recent news about this weird cryptocurrency is that it is compared as the sign of antichrist. The Christian book of revelations states that people all over the world have to get themselves marked on their bodies so as to buy the things they need foe their day to day living. Now the question arises as to where BITCOIN come in between such religious beliefs? As written in the religious book this mark was a sign of necessity on every person irrespective of being rich, poor, big or small. So the rumour goes around this way, some humans on the earth have a strange concept developing in their minds saying this digital currency may be the sign of antichrist that lets you buy, sell or survive.

 “And that no man shall buy or sell, save he had the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name” as written in the Revelations 13:17 

So this is must be striking you really hard as to how a digital currency can be considered as a mark of evil. There is a term recently hitting the news known as “biohacking” and microchip implants. And yes you can say that this the root where the idea of comparing BITCOIN and the popped up. Some researchers think that people must have installed chips with a BITCOIN wallet into their hands.

On the contrary, where on one side of the coin there are people who think BITCOIN as the mark of the beast there are other religious people who think BITCOIN as the redeemer. Again the question is how that justifies to be a saviour. As it a belief that people can avoid the mark of the beast by denying to use for selling or buying, just like thatBITCOIN involves very stringent laws and strict rules, it is not centralized hence prevents any such control.

These days as the world is moving towards a tech savvy place where even money comes in digital forms, people are more and more inclined towards using those methods that does not use real cash but uses invisible cash like BITCOIN. One kind of interesting theory that the theorists have linked with the mark of beast is “one world currency” where they believe that the whole world will be using only one kind of currency people may not have a choice but to use this kind and BITCOIN is the one world currency. This concept of one world currency is not new as it has been discussed and from time to time conspiracies have been dug up that the day is not far when the world is going to share one single type of currency which the economists believe would promote international trade. As such the introduction of Euro has been a step towards the logic of one world currency since it involved a large number of countries that shared this currency.

There are many such theories where BITCOIN is connected with different concepts but up to some extent some people think it is just another type of cashless transfer or electronic transfer that leads to various corrupt methods of money laundering where simpletons of the society get fooled and end up losing their valuable assets and money into the hands of those advocating the use of BITCOIN.

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