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Bitindia launches Alpha version of Bitindia wallet

Nov 30, 2017 Posted /  7011 Views

Bitindia launches Alpha version of Bitindia wallet

The marketplaces around the globe are finally taking giant leaps in the discipline of Blockchain based technology.  The cryptocurrency market is registering increased user base and financial explosion.Striding in this path, Bitindia Limited launched the alpha version of its cryptocurrency wallet today.The mobile application wallet, which is named as Bitindia wallet, is projected to reach the average user.

The wallet intends on advancing the use of blockchain technology and making it more viable for the masses. It is notable here, that blockchain technology is based on the distributed digital ledger system, which provides high security and ease of accessibility. Companies around the world are vouchering on its success and futuristic application.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and alike have experienced a recent upsurge in the market value. This demonstrates that the population around the world trusts the revolutionary technology and in coming times will be attributed to its high utility. Nowadays, users are anticipating a wide range of services from the Blockchain Product Companies. The wallet, which is launched today, is offering services such as sending and receiving cryptocurrencies, live updates, real-time price check etc. The mobile application has a simple design with a user-friendly interface and customer service facility.  

To get the alpha version of the application, please visit the link below:

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