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Bitindia launches its Private Pre Sale with John Mcafee as a partner and advisor

Sep 13, 2017 Posted /  19790 Views

Bitindia launches its Private Pre Sale with John Mcafee as a partner and advisor

Bitindia launches its Private Pre Sale with John Mcafee as a partner and advisor

John McAfee - The Pioneer of McAfee Anti-virus software

John McAfee is a renowned computer programmer and businessman, who founded the software company McAfee Associates in 1987 and ran it until 1994, when he resigned from the company. McAfee Associates attained success near the beginning, as the creators of McAfee, the first profit-making antivirus software, and the business now generates a variety of venture security software. The company was rebranded to Intel Security in 2011 following its purchase by Intel, although the software still maintains the McAfee brand name. McAfee's wealth upsurged in 2007 at $100 million, before his investments tumbled in the global financial crisis that began that year. McAfee also has interests in cryptocurrency, yoga, smartphone apps, and all-natural antibiotics.

His Interest with bitcoins

In past statements give to the media, McAfee has struck an optimistic tone on the prospects of his bitcoin mine, telling in a May interview that "we will definitely be profitable before the end of the year." He also recently pushed back in opposition to the opinions that the bitcoin market is in bubble territory.

His name has been related with Bitcoin quite a few times now. He is part of a major mining operation which apparently produced some good profits. Furthermore, McAfee is also quite upbeat on the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He has enthusiastically followed the current price impetus and shared his judgments on the price dip. If truth be told, he was one of the first to recognize this was a meager technical amendment. Bitcoin has seen many prophesies, some have come accurate, others have not. The cyber security and software founding father wagered his name and up to $10 million on a bet that the Bitcoin price will move over $500,000 within 3 years.

John McAfee collaborates with BitIndia

John McAfee has collaborated for partnership and as an advisor to BitIndia. BitIndia is an upcoming platform which will allow people to trade in cryptocurrencies in India. As It is based on the blockchain network, this makes it a fast and secure environment for people to buy, sell and secure cryptocurrencies in every part of India. BitIndia wishes to engage more  people into the blockchain network and aims to boost the usage of cryptocurrencies in India. The economy will surely see a substantial change, positively, as more number of people start moving towards blockchain and cryptocurrencies. BitIndia can surely aid to bring a revolution in the world's biggest democratic country i.e. in India. In view of the fact that it specially designed for Indian users, with keeping in mind all the functionalities needed to access cryptocurrencies effortlessly. BitIndia launched its Venture Capital Crowdsale on 11th September 2017. The Crowdsale event for general public starts on 11th October 2017.

 People have always been diffident to invest money in such cryptocurrencies for the reason that they dont feel protected. BitIndia has committed to provide a platform to the users which will not be vulnerable to scams and risks. People can store their digital currency without any strain and peril with BitIndia. 

Envisioning successful outcomes

The alliance with John McAfee will aid Bitindia to prosper, which is determined to make a boom for the Indian Crypto market. BitIndia foresees gaining more acquaintances from John McAfee and other great advisory, to attain additional  accomplishments and eliminating the lack of knowledge of cryptocurrencies in the Indian market.

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