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Bitindia to move 1.3 Billion people to Blockchain

Sep 16, 2017 Posted /  55731 Views

Bitindia to move 1.3 Billion people to Blockchain

Bitindia to move 1.3 Billion people to Blockchain

BitIndia: The new outlook for India's crypto market

BitIndia platform certainly has the features and all the facilities within its platform which are needed for the safe and efficient investment in the Cryptocurrencies for people in India. It has launched its private pre sale on 11th of September which will last by the end of this month. It has introduced a secure wallet facility which has the qualities to carry on local level purchasing and people can invest with it as well, with their choice of cryptocurrencies, currently there are options for Ripple, Ethereum and of course the mega cryptocurrency bitcoins, but sooner BitIndia will include Altcoins, so that the platform fulfills the need and demands of the people. Based on the revolutionizing technology blockchain, it can turn out to be a boom in the Indian crypto market. The easy way of processing and low transaction fees for the facilities will aid to make the reach of cryptocurrencies to each and every part of India. As, there is a need for the realization of the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in India, people should surely look forward to the BitIndia platform.

Wiping out Hesitancies

Cryptocurrencies are giving a tough competition to  many native currencies and even to gold. Investors and common people hesitate a bit because of the high transaction fees, which makes the transactions much more higher in price. Also, since not much awareness is there in the market and amongst the people related to the actual way of implementing blockchain and cryptocurrencies or the procedures related to it, people assume it to be risky in nature which according to them  can serve them a great loss if they invested it. BitIndia aims to remove thee inhibitions related to the blockchain platform and cryptocurrencies, by keeping only a  minimum amount for transactions. All the transactions are blockchain based which is a distributed ledger, which is quite transparent network which will lead to develop more trust within the people. Since, the objective is to wipe out all the hesitancies related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain network of BitIndia platform will effortlessly make it possible for the Indian users. Talking about blockchain, it is basically something which is not to be corrupted digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not only financial transactions but also virtually everything of significance. By permitting digital information to be distributed but not copied, blockchain technology formed the backbone of a new type of internet. In the beginning invented for the digital currency, Bitcoin, the tech community is now finding other latent utilization for the technology. 

Aims for a mass adoption

Blockchain’s advantages for example real-time settlement ability, reducing counterparty risk and improved automation, could surely disrupt many other technologies.  On the other hand, right now it’s uncertain if the disruptive technology could cope with the Indian markets and their traditional technologies.  

BitIndia conversely is subsequently planning to revolutionize the vision for technologies in India and wants to bring around 1.3 Billion people into this technology. And in a progressive digital world, it will be interesting to see that BitIndia blockchain will demonstrate to the market that it is secure from cyber-attacks and can be trusted and welcomed on a large scale for Indian people and include them in the blockchain.

No one can refute that blockchain has the prospective to impact markets worldwide, counting the up-and-coming economies which are in the early hours stages of developing their market infrastructures. Thus, BitIndia is determined for the mass adoption of Blockchain and bring more and more people into blockchain.

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