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Blockchain Messaging Can Make the Supply Chain more Complete and Robust

Mar 16, 2018 Posted /  2437 Views

Blockchain Messaging Can Make the Supply Chain more Complete and Robust

Blockchain Messaging for Businesses 101

Messaging is a very vital part of the business ecosystem, it provides a bridge for transcending information for market outsourcing and supply chain reinforcement. Many messaging apps like whatsapp, facebook messenger, wechat, telegram, QQ and more have become the central messaging platforms for business communications.

However business requirements are not being entirely met by these social messaging platforms since they were not design for a business like communication but rather for casual informal communication between peers. There is still a gap for a efficient business messaging platform.

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Blockchain technology can provide the best of such platforms which could incorporate e-commerce, information sharing on a single platform. The need for decentralization powered by an ecosystem-open-platform system other than centralized enterprise is more pronounce now that it was ever before.

New marketplace solutions can be driven by the customers, specialist and industry otherwise a set of companies might group to dominate the market and create a bottleneck to innovation. With a well established blockchain supply chain system already in existence incorporating new add ons like blockchain messaging platforms to the existing system won't affect to a large extent adaptability.

traders and their customers, such as provenance (chain of custody), capacity planning (process automation) or presenting intermodal options (trade process) require collaboration.

This article hypothesizes about an external stakeholder interface digitization, a messaging product. The options presented contrast a closed system to a blockchain ecosystem, digitization, and automation.

Customers to Benefit More

Although business entities strive to cut the cost of operation in their ventures which blockchain offers, customers too will benefit from blockchain incorporating into traditional business systems. An improvement in operation means customers will be able to get quality products at affordable prices.

Messaging on the blockchain would mean customers can gain access to real time information with customer service agents representing companies on the blockchain. These agents do answer customer questions gearing for the effectiveness of the services it provides. Although predictive analytics, Artificial intelligence or a built in immutable distributed trusted ledgers, messaging is still very vital for the supply chain.

In the supply chain a messaging platform has the potential more than just texting and emojis. A combination of public and permissioned blockchain channels provide the platform the gas it needs to develop. The a blockchain messaging platform acts as a data bank where new ideas can be cultured.

Building a digital libraries of crucial market data

Furthermore blockchain can provide a rich library of crucial market data that can be utilised by any body with a need to establish a business entity. The cost of obtaining such data would be reduced since users would be able to obtain it free from the blockchain. On the blockchain, identities of users, asset, device or infrastructure can be trusted, identifiable, verifiable and invokable.

Blockchain can be used to easy transfer and store sensitive business documents from one entity to another while eliminating loads of paperwork and the associated delays. Some businesses develop their own independent solution to carry out it’s daily running. But the blockchain being open source first provide a cheap access to sophisticated technology and secondly is more trusted compared to your own software or an over the country software.

Blockchain code is reviewed by thousands of software developers across the world mainly on the software repository platform github. It is rare to find flaws in such software than it is for any other ordinary software platform.

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