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Can blockchain make life for hackers difficult?

Nov 07, 2017 Posted /  3356 Views

Can blockchain make life for hackers difficult?

Hacking in the digital sagacity means illegal interruption into a computer system. Its nuance also includes an ad hoc fix for somewhat that is done through a pioneering and eccentric way. It’s the malevolent hacks that have more visibility, nonetheless which can cause so much harm and financial failure plus can even probably exterminate.

The prevalent Hacking issue

The spiteful hackers achieve access to systems with the intention to take data as well as identities, take over the systems plus spoil websites, along with other activities. They can even trade your data to third parties otherwise they can grasp your data hostage (they can lock it up and only give you the keys when you pay a ransom). During the Wanna Cry ransomware attack, hackers had locked and encrypted the data and requested for the payment in Bitcoin to release it.This has happened to many businesses and no one wants to wake up in the morning to see a locked computer with floppy skull icons.

Protecting DDos with blockchain

Hackers also carry out the DDoS attacks which are very dangerous for the organizations. DDoS happens when a hacker sets up a control on a network of “zombie computers” and IoT bots, which can be made to execute traffic-driven attacks. The hacker controls this army of devices under his control and then he can just deluge websites with an irresistible amount of data requests. This can even be done by low-skilled people who merely copy and paste the code from the web.

Blockchain startups like Hacken have emerged to address a wide variety of technological needs, from fundamental to highly-technical.
Therefore, even as blackhat hackers grow further and become more skilled at a pull off their crimes, people who are fighting back will have superior support plus get a better price for contributing their talent, endeavor as well as wherewithal via the blockchain. For all the hackers, it’s time to run away. With blockchain and modernization in technological fields, they have no way but out! According to hacking professional Daan Pepijn:
"During a DDoS attack, this spare bandwidth is utilized to deflect and absorb the bad traffic coming from zombie machines (the same ones that the bad hackers have taken over). [Now], anyone with a computer, fast broadband connection, and spare bandwidth can rent out excess bandwidth in order to contribute to global and regional pools of DDoS mitigation nodes." With the Blockchain technology that bandwidth can be pooled jointly as well as traded off to companies looking for DDoS protection.

Decentralization for everything?

By decentralizing the bandwidth needs along with pooling the surplus, the technology lets companies to successfully group resources to protect against future attacks. Blockchain technology seems to be the basis for numerous kinds of protection. It is providing layouts for hacking events that were unimaginable a few years ago.


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