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Can Ethereum beat bitcoin in the next few years

Sep 04, 2017 Posted /  3393 Views

Can Ethereum beat bitcoin in the next few years

Can Ethereum beat bitcoin in the next few years 

In today’s modern world, the latest build up that is going on is the cryptocurrency trend. People are puzzled among Bitcoin and Ethereum and they actually do not know which is. Though both of them are trying to do things in their own techniques, there are definitely several unique differences between the two.

Many people have a feeling that Bitcoin is superior than all other currency platforms.  Ethereum is a fresh cryptocurrency platform that has been launched just a few years ago. Ethereum in contrast to Bitcoin gives some very fascinating technological details. 

It runs on smart contracts, which are an exceptionally new revolutionary skill, and it is being said that this technology would also be part of the Bitcoin platform in the future. Ethereum is technologically smarter than Bitcoin, and lacks decentralized applications. This makes Ethereum enhanced than Bitcoin. Ethereum is industrially sound .

Ethereum is comparatively new platform and there is much more availability of coins. Bitcoin in comparison is lower. Ethereum has more or less 92 million coins that are being dispersed.  Ethereum is the only currency without a fixed maximum supply cap currently. Despite the fact that Bitcoin is better in this regard, the ease of use and availability of coin is undeniably more in Ethereum. Ethereum based donation Platforms are gaining spotlight significantly and it is a large medium for fundraising. This platform helps in gaining utmost coverage via efficiently incentivize efforts. Bitcoin and Ethereum are both useful technologies. Both have contributed to momentous value gain in the recent days. If we evaluate both, the percentage of gain is less significant in Bitcoin. 

Although bitcoin was invented before Ethereum, plus its value has progressively increased over the last couple of years, Ethereum has also seen an immense production of value in just some years. The Ethereum is price is associated to the bitcoin. They are dependent and when bitcoins price will elevate Ethereum will reduce and vice versa. When the value of Bitcoin goes down, Ethereum value would involuntarily would see a small increase, these values are usually interconnected and they rectify themselves, when the other does. 

Bitcoin is an old cryptocurrency platform it is absolutely more stable than the two, while Ethereum is still trying to become stable, as it is a new platform. 

Some of the features which considerably makes Ethereum better than Bitcoin at the moment are:

a. It is a new cryptocurrency platform that running on the updated technology.

b. Ethereum has more availability of coins than bitcoins

c. It is gaining momentum faster than Bitcoin.

Bitcoin prices increased recently, around $5000 market cap. While, Ethereum flourished, also.Reason for the Ethereum accomplishments might be the rise of ICO based projects. To empower in most of these projects, people have to buy in Ethereum which applies in the terms and conditions of a contract once it has been decided.

A large amount of the trading volume of Ethereum presently, is coming from China, Japan and South Korea. Cryptocurrency is doing well at the moment, but the next few years will decide the actual winner in the market. Currently of course Ethereum is a fantastic platform, and this is going well. It is up to time to decide what emerges as a better crypto powered platform.

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