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Central Bank Blockchain May Go Live This Year

Apr 05, 2018 Posted /  436 Views

Central Bank Blockchain May Go Live This Year

Central Bank Blockchain May Go Live This Year


As indicated by Research Director at global banking consortium and ledger software startup R3, Antony Lewis, a form of Central Bank Digital Currency may go live in 2018. This issue was predicted amid a board dialogue at Deconomy Event in Seoul.


Antony Lewis said, “For wholesale use of CBDC, I think we are looking at this year. We have had conversations with central banks that have mandates to fix certain payment problems, and one solution they look to is a blockchain type platform.”

Lewis anticipated that to begin, such a digital currency would only be utilized by some financial institutions. Lewis contended that such a framework would likely even be used as a part of particular circumstances, for example, in occurrences of disaster recovery because of their present confinements.

At the board meeting other panellists weren’t as idealistic as Lewis in their undertakings, however, they focused on a few points.

Global CBDC lead at IBM and a former CBDC researcher at Singapore’s Central Bank, Stanley Yong, said that he trusts blockchain system will in the end be best connected to commercial banking.

Taking an alternative approach, Ian Grigg, a financial cryptographer, said it may not be the key part of central banks to issue retail CBDC. Further referring to the Bank of England for instance, Grigg clarified that the approach of the foundation is to back the deposit of commercial banks.

In any case, while projections differed, there was a good faith that blockchains would supplant existing banking system.




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