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Central Bank Of Pakistan Bans Cryptocurrency Trading

Apr 08, 2018 Posted /  940 Views

Central Bank Of Pakistan Bans Cryptocurrency Trading

Central Bank Of Pakistan Bans Cryptocurrency Trading

The Central Bank of Pakistan has notified financial institutions and other investors to shun exchanging bitcoin and different digital currencies as the nation does not consider cryptocurrencies as a legal tender.

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) issued an announcement and advised occupants with respect to the risks of digital currencies, while also banishing financial institutions from encouraging such an exchange.

SBP said one of the risks to banish such exchanges was high price volatility ventures attached to virtual currencies which were exceedingly flimsy and were principally based on hypotheses.

SBP expressed, “Virtual Currencies provide a high degree of anonymity and potentially can be used for facilitating illegal activities. Also due to the ambiguous nature of Virtual Currencies, no legal protection or recourse is available to any individual in the event of a loss incurred from trading crypto assets."

The Central Bank noted that it has not approved any substance to offer cash settlement for services and items in Pakistan utilizing digital currencies as it undermined to make a lawful move against any individual utilizing such virtual currencies to transfer value outside the nation.

Following the declaration, Urdubit, a digital currency exchange offering a crypto-to-fiat payment benefit to Pakistani investors reported through Facebook, its closure of business referring to the SBP's decision to bar all crypto exchanges in the nation.

A day before State Bank of Pakistan's move, India's Central bank also blocked financial establishments from working with digital currency firms as it thinks of launching a national digital currency.


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