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CEO Of AMD Considers Blockchain To Be Important But A Bit Of Diversion

Apr 28, 2018 Posted /  175 Views

CEO Of AMD Considers Blockchain To Be Important But A Bit Of Diversion

In an interview with CNBC, CEO Lisa Su of AMD, an American multinational semiconductor organization, said that Blockchain is somewhat of a diversion for the time being.

Su conceded the significance of blockchain, expressing, it's a vital technology, the thought that peer to peer transactions can be initiated, it is a decentralized system. She believes it's a great technology but thinks it's somewhat of a diversion, temporarily.

Su specified the unexpected development of her organization in the principal quarter of the present year, expressing that instead of becoming involved with the buildup encompassing blockchain, they would center around the major markets. At the point when questioned whether she thought blockchain was transitory in nature and not a dependable road of future development, she explained:

“The long-term technology around blockchain is an important technology, and we’re spending a lot of time with some of the key influencers in this area, so I think it’ll be here for the next 4 to 5 years. Now what it does tomorrow vs. yesterday, I think that’s anyone’s guess.”

Recently AMD's stock bounced 11% after a declaration that they had beaten income gauges. At the point when asked a question whether the organization was underplaying the part of Ethereum mining equipment in this achievement, Su answered: 

“We believe blockchain or mining was about approximately 10 percent of our revenue during the quarter. And the truth is there are a lot of different factors in these estimates. We feel we have a very good idea of what people are using our products for. It’s a nice growth factor, but it’s certainly not the dominant growth factor in our story.”

While in her current proclamation Su communicated alert around blockchain technology and digital currency. At the end of last year, she asserted that AMD was exceptionally inspired by taking an interest in blockchain technology and the digital currency market of mining.

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