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Chinese Exchange Giant BitAsia to Launch Zero Confirmation Support for BCH Deposits

Mar 25, 2018 Posted /  1671 Views

 Chinese Exchange Giant BitAsia to Launch Zero Confirmation Support for BCH Deposits

The Chinese trading exchange BitAsia has shown zero support towards BCH deposits made to it, as confirmed by the news officials.

BitAsia is a trading platform which facilitates the transaction and trading of a variety of cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC etc. The news of zero confirmation means that all the merchants who accept payments via digital or crypto currencies will accept the payment (and continue to accept it) before the first network confirmation.


This comes after the founders of bitcoins have created patches in the crypto currencies to avoid any fraud or damage to the transaction being made. Also, keeping in mind the situation, the BitCoin Core developers have created changes in the system as well by removing these patches form he core code, thus making it even safer than before and so the testing for these zero confirmation codes have begun too.


There have been many cases where the companies have taken up the zero confirmation transactions and implemented them in real time, like the case with Mini POS devices developers apparently challenged people to double sell the $1000 worth crypto currency and of the user lost $2000 in this bet.

This news was a spring like news for all the bitcoin traders who support zero confirmation system.


However, according to a new website “” all the details of the double spends using single bitcoins have been made public. Bitcoin cash supporters are very skeptical of that website’s data as most of the transactions have a fee set lower than the network relay minimum requirement.


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