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Company finds ways to overcome Facebook's ban on the cryptocurrency.

Apr 13, 2018 Posted /  153 Views

Company finds ways to overcome Facebook's ban on the cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency, based on the Blockchain Technology has been the talk of the time, lately. But regulations to be put forth on it is undoubtedly inevitable due to its uncontrolled nature of growth. With some of the major countries coming forward and banning or at least trying to regulate the crypto market.  Countries like a China has completely banned the Crypto, whereas Australia has taken into account public's opinion and has curbed the regulations in order to comply with the public demands. South Korea had also joined the trend by banning the ICO investments. Korea is likely to revert back it's decisions, as it has realized the real potential in the core concept of Blockchain Technology.

In January 2017, the most famous social media network of the world made an official statement proclaimed that various kinds of cryptocurrency advertisements that were being featured on the network would be banned. The statement included a ban on ICOs, binary options, and cryptocurrencies. Following which in June, Google also imposed a similar ban on the cryptocurrency advertisements on its search pages.

A few weeks later Twitter also banned cryptocurrencies ads.

Some of the crypto enthusiasts were disheartened by such a contradicting move by the major institutes towards it. On the other hand, some of them assumed it to be a challenge and would be beneficial for the currency to grow. However, the Facebook's ban on the cryptocurrency could be bypassed just by filtering some of the words in the ad.

  • Cryptocurrency ---> C-currency.

You got it right. Just by replacing all the occurrences of the word cryptocurrency with C-Currency would be enough to dodge the official statement of the ban. This is just a very simple illustration. To continue the advertisement in spite of the ban is just to make sure that the words which are forbidden are avoided.

  • Inconsonance at its own.

Many days had passed to the ban, but still, people could see the advertisements. The reason to which was revealed by a spokesperson, he said, “enforcement will begin to ramp across Facebook platforms over the coming weeks.”

This fact is relatable completely because nothing can be done instantaneously. However, the possibility of seeing an ad at the present moment is surely lesser than that of the first day of the ban.

The spokesperson also explained that “ We can confirm this ad was in violation of our policy and has been removed. Since announcing this policy our systems have been working continuously to better detect deceptive and misleading advertising practices; we realize enforcement may never be perfect, and so we appreciate you and our community reporting ads that don’t belong on Facebook.”

Although we can agree that the “complete enforcement at once is not possible.”, but this kind of unprofessionalism was certainly not expected from Facebook. It is assumed that the prices are about to surge due to this action. As  we try to suppress the technology, the more it seems to emerge.

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