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Congratulations Bitcoin on your 9th Birthday

Nov 01, 2017 Posted /  2781 Views

Congratulations Bitcoin on your 9th Birthday

It's a birthday week for bitcoin! It has been nine years since the creator Satoshi Nakamoto had given the digital world a revolutionary currency that today stands out as the in the market and has become an ideal option for investors. With its peer to peer electronic currency system bitcoin has given a tough competition to many traditional systems. But that is exactly the reason why bitcoin was formulated and conceived. This year has been remarkable for bitcoin. Since it has not only broken all of its previous records but also proven its resilience nature by overcoming various hurdles that came on its way.

Long way for Bitcoin...

While traders in China must have shifted to other options, because on 31st October China’s domestic market exchanges had the deadline to cease to provide Bitcoin-to-fiat trading, the affirmative signal from the industry and people who invest in Bitcoin vocalize that Bitcoin is here to stay and will come out stronger in spite huge competition from other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Silver, Ethereum. Litecoin etc. From being valueless to hitting the skyrocketing prices of approximately $6,000, bitcoin has surely come a long way and thus has more milestones to achieve. Long Live Bitcoin!

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