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Crypto Exchange Pick Indicates the next Big Cryptocurrency

Mar 28, 2018 Posted /  519 Views

Crypto Exchange Pick Indicates the next Big Cryptocurrency

There is not one, but many crypto currencies racing in the market these days, each of them with their own potential and own worth, however the question remains “How do we know which one to invest in?”

One thing which has been long established as a fact stand true that for investing in any cryptocurrency what one should look is its present value and future potential and not what it was in its past and the current volatile ups and downs.

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For anyone who enters into the world of cryptocurrencies, it is always advised to start from new crypto currencies which have relatively lower values and worth, invest in their money for a year and monitor the progress. This will help them not only understand how cryptocurrencies work, but also helps them by keeping their money safe. This has to be done quite diligently by tracking and analysing the flow of funds regularly.

One such indicator for realising the potential of the coin is to see how far the developing team has reached and how successful are they. This not only gives the coin a face to charge on during the ICO but also helps in gaining the customers.  Some coins, however, are looking to put function over immediate trading value to such an extent that they are willing to forego the ICO pre-sale process entirely.

Coming onto this path, the Hong Kong based coin OKEx is something which works on this path and offers coins on a relatively lower prices.

Little about OKEx

It is a leading digital asset exchange platform which deals in  not only web services, mobile application but also in portfolios of coins for users to trade in. The platform offers a broad range of local and international crypto coin pairs for trading.

In their won words, the OKEx team says that, “OKEx firmly believes that blockchain technology will eliminate transaction barriers, increase transaction efficiency across society, and eventually have a significant impact on the global economy. We strive to build the greatest transaction network which extends to every corner of the world and will never stop innovating and improving our customer experience” .

What more on OKEx?

Well, it recently launched a scheme for its loyal and retained customer ie, the “token trading” program for their own crypto coins OKB.

OKB is a globally recognised coin issues by the OK blockchain which can be used for multiple platforms like Tether.

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