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Crypto in Hollywood: Sony Pictures Television gives thumbs up for StartUp Season 3

Nov 18, 2017 Posted /  5805 Views

Crypto in Hollywood: Sony Pictures Television gives thumbs up for StartUp Season 3

Sony’s online answer to Netflix, Crackle hopes to benefit from the developing digital currency rage, giving thumbs-up for a famous TV show to be renewed for a third season. StartUp is a TV show that utilizes primary interest with the future of money and assembles converging storylines around four characters as they battle between the apparently perfect and clear universe of innovation and the grimy, dim universe of genuine living.


StartUp debuted on Crackle on September 6, 2016. The series was renewed for a second season on January 13, 2017, which premiered on September 28, 2017. On November 15, 2017, the series was renewed for a third season.  

Ben Ketai is the author, creator, and director of StartUp. It's shot in film-style, various cameras and on set. The sound is forceful, pummeling, loaded with up tempo contemporary music. Lighting is diminishing, giving it that abrasive vibe.


StartUp has an enjoyable storyline. StartUp is about the rise of GenCoin, a splendid yet a controversial tech idea focused on digital currency. The story revolves around an FBI agent who targets the son of a financial swindler. The son conceals his father's money by investing the cash in a tech start-up company with the assistance of a computer whiz and a Haitian gang leader.

StartUp is set in Miami, in the midst of tech investors, energetic law authorization, Cubans, and Haitians. They're all endeavoring to ponder the inquisitive subplot of cryptographic money, a corporate-upheld token called Gencoin. Medications kill, defilement; old human indecencies are stood out from the light of a world-evolving advancement.


Talking about the cast, bit coiners will no doubt recognize Martin Freeman from his part as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit, and Hell boy’s Ron Perlman; both have conspicuous parts in the arrangement. Martin Freeman plays one of the lead roles whereas Ron Perlman appears only in Season 2. The cast members are:

• Martin Freeman is cast as the lead role of Phil Rask who is a corrupt FBI Agent hunting down GenCoin in search of money that's owed to him.

• Adam Brody plays Nick Talman, an average guy who's tired of feeling stuck in his mundane life, looking for something new to change it.

• Otmara Marrero is Izzy Morales, a young and feisty technology-savvy woman, and the creator of GenCoin.

• Edi Gathegi is Ronald Dacey, a Haitian gang member who's looking out for the future of his community.

• Ron Perlman plays the role of Wes Chandler who is a multi-millionaire businessman with a levelheaded grit.


Crackle has recently upgraded its user interface. The interface is lavish and fat, not occupied by any stretch of the imagination, absolutely inconspicuous. Streaming can be done without any issues. Crackle provides less-fee with a pleasant watching experience for its users.

Crackle has endeavored extraordinary unique programming as well. Dramas are costly and a losing art; as more people tend to concentrate on documentaries and comedies. But Startup stands differently among other dramas. It is cool to watch a battle scene, with delicately accelerated groupings, serve a bigger story.

StartUp – A Big Hit

The naive season of the tech-infused thriller is currently ranked No.1 title on Crackle. StartUp has likewise been a hit globally and generally welcomed by fans in more than 50 nations, Crackle said. StartUp offers big entertainment for bit coin lovers, futuristic, and tech savvy people.

Created by Ben Ketai, the past season of StartUp took the story beyond the world of cryptocurrency and pulled the curtain back on the crossing point between technology and the digital black market through a darknet model called Araknet. “We are excited to open the writer’s room and partner with Crackle for Season 3 of StartUp,” said creator Ketai, who is also a writer, executive producer, and director of the series.


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