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Developers of Bitcoin Cash want the Current Bitcoin Address Format Changed

Oct 21, 2017 Posted /  6485 Views

Developers of Bitcoin Cash want the Current Bitcoin Address Format Changed

Bitcoin Cash Developers and Community Getting Around a way to change the BCC address Format

Recently Bitpay a platform already using BCC released a new address format to be adapted for the Use of Bitcoin cash amidst the heated debate currently taking place in the Bitcoin cash Network. Meanwhile Mr. Amaur Sechet a lead developer of Bitcoin Cash has proposed a format to be adapted by Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash is currency. It all started on the Bitcoin ABC Github Repository Around July this year. Bitpay claims the address format it created would prevent users from mixing between a BTC wallet address and a BCC wallet address. this according to Bitpay would prevent users from accidentally Sending BTC to a BCC address and vice versa. However, this ‘Brilliant’ Bitpay idea was not received well by many people in the Bitcoin Cash community and the Developers of Bitcoin Cash. Hence the Bitcoin Cash community are still searching for the most suitable and secured address format to be adapted.

The Most Likely Address Format BCC Will Adapt

At the moment there are about two different ideas for a possible option to become the wallet address format used in Bitcoin Cash. Jonald Fyookball the developer of the electron cash wallet says that the Bitcoin cash wallet format as proposed by Bitpay Breaks wallet compatibility and proposes users in the Bitcoin cash community news to discuss the way forward to improving on the address format. Mr. Jonald did not completely disagree with Bitpay but rather said users need to agree with one voice to adapt to new system. This according to Jonald will allow for uniform upgrade via a software platform.

Mr. Jonald spoke to a news site saying:

“This may be a matter of design choice if the idea is to prevent a user from sending to a BTC address -Yet, since many users still use old addresses, it breaks backwards compatibility.”

At the same time BCC developer Amaur Sechet is in favour of the Bech32 address format first proposed by Bitcoin Developer Pieter Wuille.

Amaur sechet posted on a Bitcoin Developer Mailing list saying, “At this point, I am in favor of the Bech32 Style addresses as they have a number of advantages — The most notable one, is that the format can be extended to support new features in the future. The current address format or the variation proposed by Bitpay doesn’t, which means we’ll likely have to change it again in the future.”

Bitcoin Cash Community Still Undecided

The End of the Discussions on the Bitcoin Cash Wallet Address format is still far from over as very many proposals are currently being added. Very many Developers associated to Bitcoin Cash are liking the idea of the Bech32 address format. This was witnessed by the numerous positive comments received against the Bech32 GitHub Repository. Bitcoin Cash growth is seen to be going in line with the recent EDA proposals and the current debate on address format. There is another idea to create colour coins in order to issue representative tokens on the network proposed by Henry Stone, the developer of Bitcoin Unlimited.

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